3 Marketing Tips Nursing Homes Can Use To Overcome Misconceptions

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on November 17, 2014

In Inbound Marketing

Think about the way you make buying decisions, whether it's for a product or service.  It is hard to separate your emotions when making the decision.  Most buying decisions peoplemarketing-tips-for-nursing-homes make are based on emotions. The consumer may do some research, but often times the feelings behind the decision out weigh the facts.  Now think about the emotions involved in deciding to send your parent or grandparent to a nursing home.

Since, people today can instantly share reviews, news articles, etc to the entire world, it is very easy for a stigma to be born.  One bad review of a nursing home or bad PR moment can not just effect that nursing home, but can also effect the entire nursing home industry. So how do beautifully run nursing homes and assisted living facilities overcome this unfair negative stigma? Below are three inbound marketing tips that will help you overcome the misconceptions:

1. Share Stories and Events on Facebook

Create a transparent view of your community online, so that current families and prospects can see their loved ones are taken care of and are having fun. As I mentioned above about the buying decision, deciding whether or not to send your parent to a nursing home or keep them home is one of the hardest decisions. As I've been doing research for my customer, New England Geriatrics, I've come across quite a few nursing homes that are taking advantage of this free tool and they are doing an excellent job.

2. Create A Share-worthy Blog

Through social media you will provide little glimpses of the events, but it's important to include a link to your blog with more details about the event.  The blog should also be used to provide tips for caregivers, information about aging and mental health.  It would also be great to include a resident spotlight once a month and have the resident share his/her experiences at the facility. It's important to be as transparent as possible and who better to hear it from then the residents themselves. 

3.  Provide Support to Family Members

It's important to provide the family members with support as they adjust to this new stage in life. Whether the family member is 100% healthy or they are suffering from Alzheimer's, it's important to offer your expert knowledge.  You can do this by providing an e-book on "What Family Members Can Do To Make A Smooth Transition To The Nursing Home" and include statements from current residents and their family members. It's so important to offer this type of content to every stage of the sales funnel.  Remember you are the expert, and the consumer is very weary, make this process as comfortable and transparent as possible. Continue to nurture the family's throughout their family member's stay at your facility. If you continue to do this correctly, they will become your promoter and help erase the misconception.

Not all nursing homes and assisted living facilities are bad, right?  How does your's fair on the perception scale?


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