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Posted by Heather Hurczyn on January 22, 2014

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blogging-dementiaA few months ago, someone close to me became ill and began showing early signs of dementia.
I watched as the family of this person struggled to get a
grasp around these changes in behavior and health for their loved one.  Since no one had experience with this type of life changing event I wanted to quickly find some answers and advice for the family. Luckily, I had a colleague in the geriatric field, whom I trusted and could call on for advice. During this phone call, I received expert advice for both the caretakers and the patient, answers to my many questions about dementia, and the utmost empathetic understanding of what the family was going through. After getting off the phone, I was saddened by what was to come, but at the same time satisfied because I finally got some real answers not only for myself, but for the family too.

Helping One Person Can Help Thousands

A couple days after this informative phone call, with my colleague, I thought, “what about the people that don’t have a trustworthy geriatric expert they can call on?”. Of course, the marketing light bulb in my head went off, and started screaming “Blog Post, Blog Post, Blog Post!”.  With the caregiver being the focus (“buyer persona”), my colleague could write a blog post that answers questions that caregivers frequently ask about dementia. 

Now I know my colleague is not the first or only expert in his field. How does his blog post stand out from the rest you might ask? I recommend these 5 tips to create a share worthy blog post.

  1. Have a well defined buyer persona
    Who you want as a  customer should be who your blog post is addressing. You need to get very specific when defining your buyer persona. I learned in my recent experience with my elderly loved one that certain nationalities feel that it is wrong to have their elderly parents go into an elderly community. Targeting this select group would be very difficult. I think defining a buyer persona is the most difficult part, but it is the most crucial to meet your sales goals.   A great way to better define your buyer persona is to survey your current ideal customers.

  2. Create a headline with impact
    The headline of your blog post is what is going to first attract someone to read your post. Make sure that the headline includes long tail keywords that are targeted around a pain point of your buyer persona. When writing your headline think about what your buyer persona would type in Google to search for a solution to their problem. Keeping this in mind with every blog post is key to increasing your SEO and reaching more leads.

  3. Make a connection
    Part of your company’s digital marketing success starts with understanding your buyer personas and being able to create a connection through this deep understanding. Marketing and sales teams need to take a virtual walk in the shoes of their customers and leads.  Of course you know how great your product or service is, but the reasons of why you think it’s so great isn’t what will create a connection.  Ultimately, you need to have a grasp on their pain points and how your product or service would alleviate this problem. 

  4. Educate, don’t sell
    With a sensitive topic like dementia, the caregivers especially don't want to be sold on your facility. The reason they are coming to your blog is to learn more about what to expect in the days to come for their loved one.  Your blog should be a source of knowledge for visitors. The other pages on your website provide details about your services and/or products. Once a visitor starts to hear a sales pitch they will become guarded and all the effort put into the blog post will be lost.

  5. Provide an offer for more information
    It's great if you have lots of visitors to your blog, but the goal isn't just to have them read your posts. If you were successful at the four tips above, you will leave the visitor wanting more. This is where a great offer can turn a visitor into a lead. If I was writing a blog post for my colleague based on our conversation, I would include a free e-book on something like "10 Daily Tips to Help Your Loved One with Dementia". Keep in mind the key to providing an offer is to have a form that the visitor must submit to get the free offer. The use of this lead generation tool will help you qualify leads for your sales team and educate them on the leads interests. 

If you want more business blogging tips that will help you help others checkout our free Introduction to Business Blogging Ebook.

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