5 Fun Social Media Tips To Help Increase Engagement

Posted by Lindsay Klorer on March 3, 2015

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In any case, social media represents an excellent opportunity to grow your brand in 2015, even if your aren't a social media guru. Use the following easy social media tips to help increase engagement and grow your brand.

Types of PostSocial media tips to grow in 2015

Simply put, not all posts are created equally and certain types of social media posts are much more effective at creating engagement. In addition to posts about your blogs, it's important to engage your audience with a bevy of high-engagement posts, such as:


  2. Post a picture or image

  3. Ask a question

  4. Provide tips

  5. "Caption This Image" allows your followers to add funny comments to your photos

  6. Fill-in-the-blank leaves the post incomplete until your audience engages

  7. Ask an Either or Question, which will place your audience in one of two different camps.

Time Your Posts

In addition to the types of post, it's important to time your social media posting. Check out the following social media tips to help guide your posting and timing. 

  • Post on Facebook before work, at lunch, or during the afternoon slump.

  • Schedule your Tweets for lunch.

  • It's best to post on LinkedIn during the middle of the week. People typically check out on Fridays.

Social Customer Service

Social media puts your customers at your fingertips each day. Whether you are a B2C or B2B, use social media to wow your customers. In any case, you should try to answer customer questions or requests between 15 minutes and an hour. 

Ask and You Are More Likely to Receive

Instead of assuming your followers will take action on social media, it's best to ask for what you want. Using words like "share," "like," and "comment" in some of your posts to bolster engagement on Facebook. On Twitter, you can ask your audience to retweet and help you spread the word. I wouldn't recommend doing this with every post or tweet, but once in a while it's ok.

Make Sharing Easy

It's a great practice to include social media sharing buttons on all of your blog posts and website. In addition, your website should have a Facebook Like Box, which will allow visitors of your site see which of their friends are fans. This option also allows them to become a fan of your site without them leaving your site to do so.


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