7 Social Media Tips - What NOT to do and WHY

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on February 17, 2015

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Social media can be a great tool for building your business, but it is not foolproof. There are things you can do on social media, or fail to do, that can actually hurt your business.

what not to do on social media

7 Social Media Tips – Things Not To Do

  1. Losing your cool

    No list of social media tips will ever tell you to lose your cool when interacting with others. Social media brings all kinds of people together online, plenty of whom can be quite rude or obnoxious. But, no matter what anyone says on your page, handle it with grace and restraint. You don't want to be seen as reactionary, or worse, mean.

  2. Ignore other people on the site

    Social media is “social”. It is designed to encourage sharing with others and to foster conversations. Inject some personality into your participation and try to interact with lots of other people. The more connections you make with your social media presence, the better off your business will be.

  3. Be dishonest

    This is one of the most important social media tips out there – do not tell lies or mislead your audience. The internet spreads information like wildfire, especially through social media. It also allows users to research statements, making the odds of deception being discovered much higher. This can destroy your reputation, both online and off.

  4. Not have a plan

    There are successful social media strategies, and there are unsuccessful ones. Typically, going in with no plan is going to get you mediocre results at best. Your business should already have a general marketing strategy, driven by a message that sits at the core of your business. This is the same message you want to spread in social media.

  5. Failing to track results

    Like every other marketing channel, you should be tracking what you do on social media and the results that your actions generate. This is the only way you can know if what you are doing is productive, or if you need to change your approach.

  6. Only spend time promoting your business

    Most social media users steer clear of blatant promotion. Any list of social media tips you look at will tell you the same thing – become a part of the community, participate and promote yourself naturally.

  7. Failing to address customer concerns

    Social media has become the new front line of customer service. When customers complain or have concerns, address them quickly.  

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