"A Guilty Conscience Needs No Accuser"

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on December 12, 2014

In Inbound Marketing

Have you ever read something and wondered if the author was writing directly to you, or maybe even directlynail your buyer personas before your next marketing campaign about you?  That happened to me today while reading this - Hypocrisy in Sales and Business.  It was a post by Rick Roberge that came across on my Linkedin News Feed.  I've been working with Rick for almost 2 months, and while reading it, I couldn't help but wonder if Rick was referring to me.  Was I not following his lead? Uh, Oh!  Then I read the date... March 18, 2014.  He had posted this 9 months ago.  I was relieved that he wasn't directly referring to one of my mistakes, but the story still resonated with me.  Talk about nailing your buyer persona!  

Buyer Persona's are the keystone to all of your marketing efforts.  After all, they determine what type of content needs to be created for your audience and where it should be shared.  Once defined, your buyer personas should be living documents.  Tweaks, adjustments, or corrections may be necessary over time due to a variety of factors, but a well defined buyer persona will give you the ability to create seemingly timeless content. HubSpot can track ROI to blog posts that Brian Halligan wrote over 5 years ago.  Marcus Sheridan can attribute over $2 Million dollars in sales from leads that visited his pool company's website directly from a blog article. Rick Roberge is still collecting leads from his How To Get Referrals recorded webinar from August. Notice a trend? When you nail your buyer personas, you are able to create content that keeps on giving.

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