A Telling Sign Your Website Stinks

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on January 25, 2016

In Website Redesign

Do you know what it is?  Your Salespeople know the answer.

Would you eat at a restaurant if the wait staff wouldn't recommend their friends to eat there?

Doesn't the same theory apply to sales?  Have you ever asked your salespeople how often they refer their prospects to their own website?

They're not?  Are they ashamed?  Too embarrassed?  

Is the website enabling the people in charge of growing the business, or hindering them?

Ask your salespeople.  If they are not referring people, find out why.

Is the website useless? Are they?

Has the marketing team ever sat down with the sales team and devised a plan to help sales, sell?

Has the sales team ever sat down with the marketing team and help them understand the conversations they are having with prospects, so they know what/how to market?

Here are 25 things every website should have.


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