Amy Schumer Hates Networking, But She's Going To INBOUND15 Anyway

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on June 3, 2015

In Inbound Marketing

Amy Schumer was just announced as an INBOUND ROCKS PERFORMER, so you may be thinking...

"Ya but, Amy isn't going there for the networking."

Or is she?

Have you read Dharmesh's article, Amy Schumer's Career Report Card: A Is For Awesome. Dharmesh points out that she has grown her brand very successfully using Inbound, and what better way to capitalize on Inbound than performing for 13,000+ of the most social marketers on the planet!

Ok, so maybe you won't bump into her in the hallway after attending a HubSpot COS Design session, but if you did, I wonder if she would follow the networking advice that Jerry Seinfeld gave her on an episode of Comedians In Cars Getting CoffeeAmy claims to hate “meet & greets,” so Jerry gives her his secret trick for with dealing with people: Ask them questions where a number is an answer.

"How long have you lived here?"

"What time do you start work?"

What a novel concept, but that is Seinfeld's specialty!


A lot of people feel uncomfortable at networking events because they are not sure what to talk about. Remember, it's just a conversation between people.  Don't make it all about yourself. Instead, ask good questions.  You could certainly come up with similar "numbers" questions relevant to the reasons you are at the networking event.

"How long have you been in business?"

"How many customers do you have?"

"How many more would you like in 2015?"

Or at Inbound15

"How long have you been using HubSpot?"

"How many times have you been to this conference?"

Conferences, networking events, meet-ups, etc... are just engagement opportunities.  Amy Schumer may be on a different level of networking and socialization than most of us, but that shouldn't stop you from carving out your little niche. So what if your audience is only a few dozen people. Perhaps start local- a BNI Meeting, or Sales Accelerators, or CT Business Expo.   It's a chance to write about the event, and attract attention to grow your brand.  

If you are going to INBOUND15 and would like to discuss how to turn an awesome 3-4 day event into a 3-4 month campaign, feel free to schedule a call.  


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