Attracting Job Applicants with Inbound Marketing

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on July 22, 2014

Marketing: It's Not Just Used To Attract Customers

When planning an inbound marketing campaign, you first define your buyer persona(s). Based on these defined characteristics and your marketing/sales goals, you plan a killer campaign that will attract new qualified leads. But, what about marketing toattracting-job-applicants-with-marketing attract new employees?

Recently, our customer, New England Geriatrics, a leader in geriatric mental health who hires clinicians, expressed a need to increase their number of qualified applicants. At that time, their digital marketing to find new applicants only consisted of using a job posting service. I've witnessed first hand the compassionate and dedicated team at New England Geriatrics, but no where online could a new applicant see what I was seeing.  It was important to portray this work enviornment and add a human element to their digital presence. We needed to show applicants why they would want to work at New England Geriatrics.  We sat down with New England Geriatrics, defined the persona of their applicants, set monthly goals, and created a custom inbound marketing plan for success. 

Attracting Job Applicants

Through the new social media accounts we started creating a personality for New England Geriatrics. For example, if you check out their Facebook Company page, you will see examples of events that happen in the office and how it's such a warm, fun and welcoming environment. This ability to create an emotional connection with New England Geriatrics is so important to the applicant and it would not be possible to create through a stagnant website.  We have also found that the Facebook page especially, has been great for the current staff. They are enjoying seeing photos of themselves at a "Painting Party" and seeing photos of other staff members that are located in different areas of Massachusetts. The gift of delighting your current customers, or in this case employees, will turn them into promoters for your company. 

Not only are we creating an emotional connection, but through the blog posts and articles we share, New England Geriatrics is establishing themselves as experts in their field. Applicants aren't the only ones being evaluated your company is as well. When purchasing a product or service online, 60% of the selling process is completed before that customer speaks to a human being. This holds true for applicants as well. They do their research and review your "resume" of digital content before they commit to submitting their application. Just like it is important to know if the tv you are purchasing is high quality, it's just as important for applicants to know they are going to join a professional and knowledgeable team.  Now, when potential applicants see a job posting from New England Geriatrics via twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or their very own landing pages, we have remarkable content to create a connection!

The Perfect Want Ad

You want to attract applicants that want to work at your company, and you need to supply them with why they would be a great fit.  Watch this video from Simon Sinek about how to write the perfect want ad.

I couldn't agree more with Mr. Sinek.  Though this should go hand-in-hand with your marketing campaign for new applicants. Be honest in your marketing, because as Simon Sinek perfectly says, "If you don't you are going to hire people who fell in love with the job that you are selling, but not the job that they get."


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