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Cie Peterson
Cie Peterson is a master of many talents, which include voiceover artist, director, coach and writer. To learn more about Cie take a look at her LinkedIn profile and her website.
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Remembering Some Good Sales Techniques from the Good Old Days

The world keeps getting smaller, the Internet keeps growing larger, and staying on top of it all keeps demanding more and more time. No matter how small our business, in some ways we all compete globally. Larger reach means stiffer competition, and so to be successful in business and widen our customer base we must continually pursue new ways to be found, seen, and heard - never mind influential! - in an ever-growing digital marketplace. It’s daunting, but it’s reality, so we work tirelessly to find an in, be the first, get a lead.

Cut throat and cutting edge.

But it was not always this way.

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“I CAN’T WRITE!” - Yes You Can! (Tip #1: Stop Saying That!)

Most adult people can speak. If you are among that lucky majority, then the truth is that you can also write, and if you want to – or need to! – then there are some very simple steps you can take that will greatly enhance your ability to do so. I am not talking about going back to school or getting a tutor (although I can help you with that if you’d like :). Rather, I am talking about making a few significant modifications to your approach to the task that will provide you with immediate results.

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Dread Blogging? How To Make Your Writing Assignment Less Painful

Whether you are a CEO or in the PTO, chances are that at some time or another, either by choice or by mandate, you will be tasked with a writing assignment.


Yes, a writing assignment. (It’s okay. Breathe.) 

Look, we live in a time, an age, and a culture that is dominated by social media, and social media is dominated by posting, blogging, emailing, texting, tweeting, retweeting… in other words, words. That means for you to create “killer content” – and that is the marketing brass ring, at least for now – you are going to have to write. I know, for many of you compulsory writing evokes dreaded memories of blue essay pamphlets, red editorial comments, and a taunting landscape of white paper refusing to be occupied. But remember, you have already overcome your high school self, and I assure you that likewise, you can overcome your uncertainty of having anything worth saying, your fear of having the ability to say it well, or both.

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