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Special Event Tonight! Live Role-Play: How To Convert Inbound Leads

Ever wonder:

- How do I create urgency in my client? 
- How do I get them to share their real budget? 
- How do I get them to introduce me to the ultimate decision maker? 
- How do I get them to return my voice mail message? 
- How do I follow-up with Inbound Leads?
- How do I get my prospect to write my proposal for me?
- How do I follow-up if someone fills out a form on my website?
- How do I attract people to fill out a form on my website?

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Business Blogging Lessons from Maine Lobstermen

I was recently on vacation in Deer Isle, ME.  Stonington is the next town over and has a wonderful Lobster Co-Op where you can walk down to the pier with a bag and buy lobsters off the boat.

How can you compare growing your business to a lobsterman trying to catch lobsters? 

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Is Your Marketing Organized, Organized Chaos, or Just Chaos?

Every year for six years from 12 years-old through my teens, I attended a week-long overnight soccer camp. SoccerPLUS Goalkeeper School was an elite camp for serious goalkeepers.  They brought in some of the best professional and collegiate coaches and players from around the world.  As a camper, the staff could walk on water.  They were the best players I had ever seen, and they also ran a tight ship.  If you wanted to play beyond high school, you would need disciple and dedication, and the staff exuded that with everything they did.  

The summer after my freshman year in college, I worked as a staff coach and did so for the next six years. The view from the inside was very different from the view from the outside.  

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Does Inbound Happen Online or In-Person?

I have a draft blog post I've been working on for a few weeks now, but I can't seem to distill my thoughts. I'm trying to write about the balance of Inbound happening online vs. in-person. Some people produce good content online, but when you meet them in person, they are pushy or "salesy". Some people are fantastic in person, but when you look them up online, they don't live up to the expectations or simply don't exist.

I read Seth Godin's blog everyday.  Today, he wrote a more eloquant version of what has been swirling around in my head.  

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Someone Designed It That Way

A website is just a tool.  It only does exactly what it was designed to do.

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You Want Me to Blog How Often?

Blogging, writing, and content creation have been a hot topic lately among my clients, prospects, and peers.  I came across an article in April where HubSpot published benchmark blogging data from its 13,500+ customers. The article has great insights on many factors how blogging impacts website visits and leads.  The key takeaway for me was that companies that blog 11 or more times per month would get at least 2-3X traffic to their website than those who only publish a handful per month.  So statistically speaking, every company should target writing at least 11 blog posts per month, but how the heck is that going to happen?


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5 Lessons Learned From The CT Business Expo

What an exciting day at the Expo!  Not all attendees shared the same sentiment because I got some mixed reviews as to what people thought of the show, but I'm going to sum it up as it's all about perspective. Here's what I learned from the show:

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Amy Schumer Hates Networking, But She's Going To INBOUND15 Anyway

Amy Schumer was just announced as an INBOUND ROCKS PERFORMER, so you may be thinking...

"Ya but, Amy isn't going there for the networking."

Or is she?

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How To Get the Most Out of the 2015 CT Business Expo

On June 4th, The Hartford Business Journal will put on the 15th Annual Connecticut Business Expo. Last year, over 4000 attendees representing over 200 industries attended the expo.  It is open to the public, and admission is free, so there aren't many excuses not to attend.  There is a lot of opportunity in attending an event like this, you just need to go in with a plan.  

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Event Recap: May 2015 Port Cities Inbound

I had the pleasure of attending a great mini Inbound conference on last Wednesday in Portsmouth NH.  Port Cities Inbound was a joint effort put on by the Portsmount HUG and Portland HUG.  I normally try to do a pretty inclusive recap, but since Adam Zais was there recording the event, I'll let him share the inclusive video recap, and I'll leave you with some really great key takeaways from each presenter.  

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