Business Blogging 101

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on October 15, 2013

Without content the internet would be...EMPTY!  The content that you provide about your business is the reason why people go online and start searching Google.


What is a business blog?

A business blog is to provide helpful, valuable, educational and remarkable content to your buyer personas. Before you start blogging you need to define your buyer personas, so that you know what type of content they are interested in reading and most likely sharing. Figure out your buyer personas biggest problems. Help solve their problem and they will come to you. Be the thought leader and become a valuable source of information for your buyer personas.  When content is remarkable you are rewarded by more shares, therefore, better rankings.

Keep in mind when blogging:

  • You don't need to push your services/product
  • Write content that sounds like your audience
  • Create leads by including a call-to-action button leading to a landing page with a form

Improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Each and every blog post gets indexed as a new page on your website. Each new page gives someone another opportunity to find you and improves your keyword rankings. Studies show that companies that blog have 97% more inbound links because they provide content worth linking too. The numbers just don't lie (data provided by HubSpot):

  • 55% more website traffic if you blog
  • 70% more leads than companies that don't blog
  • 57% of companies that blogged acquired a customer

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