Business Blogging Lessons from Maine Lobstermen

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on July 29, 2015

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I was recently on vacation in Deer Isle, ME.  Stonington is the next town over and has a wonderful Lobster Co-Op where you can walk down to the pier with a bag and buy lobsters off the boat.

How can you compare growing your business to a lobsterman trying to catch lobsters? 


What if the ocean is the internet, lobsters are your target market, Stonington Lobsters are your ideal buyer persona, lobster traps are business blog posts, and lobster bait is social media posts.  

So, how do you catch Stonington Lobsters?

Will you catch Stonington Lobster if you set traps off the coast of the Outer Banks?    

What if you put some traps in Jordon Pond

Makes sense to set traps off the shore of Stonington, right?

Do you even need traps, though?  Can't you just swim down there and pick them by hand?  I guess you could, but that seems like a lot of work.  

Traps seem like the right way to go if you want to catch a lot of lobsters.

Let's say you want to attract lobsters to your trap. You could just drop them and hope the lobsters crawl in there, but wouldn't it be better to place some bait in each trap?

Well, what kind of bait?  Veteran lobstermen probably know what works best, but what if you are just starting out?  Could you research what's working for other lobstermen?  Could you try a few popular baits and analyze the results?  

So, how many traps do you need?  Isn't the better question how many lobsters do you need?

What if your bait was so good, the lobsters told other lobsters about it?   Would you need as many traps?

If the traps are really good and placed in the right spots, with the right bait, off the coast of Stonington, isn't that your best chance to catch Stonington Lobsters?

Now the question becomes, do you want to catch lobsters yourself or walk down to the pier and have someone put them in a bag for you? 

If you'd like to learn how to catch lobsters, or meet a seasoned lobsterman with a lobster boat- 

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