DIY Inbound Marketing, Can It Be Done?

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on April 16, 2014

From making an end table made of old pallets to becoming a professional baby photographer, there are do-it-yourself instructions for almost everything, just search Pinterest.  We live in a different world these days, where people want to use locked up creativity, learn something new, feel a sense of accomplishment or simply save money.  A lot of times we truly NAIL IT, and it's exhilarating to look back at the final product with great pride. Then there are the fails, where the end result resembles something a two year old did in art class.  It's ok though, we aren't all meant to be the next Martha Stewart or professional photographer.  That being said, we need to be able to be honest with ourselves and know when a particular project or task is out of our reach. It's not being said we couldn't do it, but it may take us a lot of attempts and time to even get it close to correct.


Give it A Whirl

So this brings me to a question that I have received quite a few times from friends and potential customers. Can't I do inbound marketing myself? The answer, yes, you definitely can. At a glance, like a photo on pinterest, inbound marketing looks simple enough, right? A bit of social media, some blogging, email marketing, an offer here or there, lead nurturing and some tracking, doesn't sound like rocket science. Since I've had this conversation a hand full of times I thought, why don't I come up with some DIY instructions. So here it goes:


  1. PREP
    • Define Buyer Personas
    • Setup social media accounts for your company and employees
    • Setup a company blog
    • Create Call-to-Action buttons
    • Create Landing Pages
    • Create Lead Generating Offers
    • Perform SEO for all website pages
    • Setup Email Marketing templates
    • Gather Remarkable content that is share worthy
    • Setup Campaigns
    • Create a social media marketing schedule. (Tip: You should tweet a minimum of 15-20 times per week)
    • Create a blogging schedule (Tip: Every blog post is indexed. The more you blog the better.)
    • Continue gathering and creating remarkable content that is share worthy
    • Promote a new offer to convert visitors to leads
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Review analytics and make adjustments according to performance
    • And REPEAT

Estimated time: a minumum of 30-40 hours per month
(hours based on the accompany of HubSpot
 a marketing software platform)

Ready, Set, GO?

Now after reviewing my brief instructions above, what do you think? If you are still feeling optimistic, go for it, but know that a successful inbound marketing plan will not reach it's full capability if you only do a part of what's listed above. Sometimes I'm asked, "Can't I just do social media?", you can, no one is stopping you, but that isn't inbound marketing, it is only a part of the bigger picture. There is a method to inbound's madness. If you were to just use twitter for your company, but don't have any content/offers on your website to send your followers to, how would these followers turn into visitors to your site and convert into leads? Keep this in mind when you make the decision to DIY inbound marketing. Before you make the decision to DIY and NAIL IT, remember to make sure all of the instructions are in your skillset and time availability.


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