Do You Passion Plan Your Website?

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on May 19, 2016

In Website Redesign


A month ago my sister surprised me with my very own Passion Planner! Some of you may be asking, what's a Passion Planner?  Whether it's wanting to run a marathon, start a new business, become as organized as your OCD neighbor, set time for that hobby you've been neglecting, or whatever your passion may be, this planner is designed to help you reach your goal by providing guidance on how to think about your approach and how to stay on course, not just a place to write down your dreams.

Brainstorming & Setting Goals

So, what does it have to do with a website redesign? Here it is - the passion planner does not just have you write down a goal and send you on your way, but it starts off by asking you to brainstorm a wish list of goals for the next three months, year, three years, and in your lifetime.

Growing your website with a goal in mind

The planner has you focus on the next three months and how you can reach your first three month goal. For example, say your year goal is to be healthier and you decide your three month goal was to lose 10lbs. What would help you to reach your three month goal? You would brainstorm a list of tasks such as: menu planning, going to the gym three times a week, cut out high carb foods, etc. Whatever you think would help you be successful.  

In each month of the planner you track the things you are going to accomplish in order to reach your goal as well as all the regular daily tasks you have to accomplish. At the end of the three months, there is a section for you to reflect on how you did,  what was the game changer of the month, and what is your goal for the next three months.  The planner helps keep you on course and tracks where you may need to make improvements. Maybe you didn't lose those 10lbs in three months, so what do you need to do differently to reach that goal. Was it because the first month you menu planned, but the second and third month you didn't? Or did you work overtime, therefore you didn't make time for the gym?  Being able to track your progress and to visually see where things might have veered off course will only help you be successful at reaching your passion.

So How Does This Apply To My Website?

As I was setting up my own passion planner, the web designer in me had an aha moment! Why does this all sound eerily familiar to me? Well, because Growth-Driven Design is the passion planner for websites! Here are the steps we take when using the Growth-Driven Design approach with our clients:

  1. We sit down with our customers and discuss their goals for the next three-6 months, one year, and beyond.
  2. Like my passion planner, we brainstorm a wish list of ideas of what we think we need on the website. We don't hold back, anything goes.
  3. Based on the wish list that we come up with and the goals we defined in the first step, we then pick the top three factors that we envision having the greatest impact. Sound familiar yet?
  4. We take 4-6 weeks to implement these three factors into what we call a Launchpad website.
  5. Once the Launchpad website is live we track the changes and after every month we review the data to see if these changes had the impact we anticipated.
  6. After the three months, just like the Passion Planner, we are now able to revisit the brainstormed list, prioritize or add to it based on the results we collected and begin the process again. 

With this approach, whether it's for your website (Growth-Driven Design) or for your personal life (Passion Planner), you are able to make calculated adjustments. monitor results and continue to make improvements.   No one can say "Tomorrow I will be organized" and expect it to happen instantly. Nor can a website agency create a website in a month with everything you ever hoped for and tell you what will make the biggest impact. Why not start small and base decisions on actual data, not assumptions.  Generally speaking, 20% of a website makes about 80% of the impact. Why not focus on the most impactful factors first? Build that 20% to be optimized for your needs and gather data while continually making adjustments.  That’s Growth-Driven Design and that’s my passion for our clients!



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