Does Size Matter? A List Of Social Media Profile and Cover Image Sizes

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on April 1, 2016

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Yes, the size of your profile and cover image does matter. And it can get frustrating because there is not one universal size for all of your social media accounts.  So here is a list with the latest sizes, along with some great examples, because it's not just about the size, selecting the right image is important as well.


The recommended dimensions for the profile photo in twitter is 400 x 400 pixels and the cover photo is 1500 x 500 pixels.  Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick give great advice on how to create the best profile pictures in their book  "The Art of Social Media".  Here is an excellent example from adidas Running of both the profile picture and cover photo combined:




For your Facebook Company Page profile photo it must be at least 180 x 180 pixels. Keep in mind that it displays at 160x160 pixels on computer and 140 x 140 pixels on smart phones. The Facebook Company Page cover photos are 828 x 315 pixels. Anything smaller than these dimensions will be stretched to match the required dimensions. The image must be a minimum of 399 x 150 pixels.  Here is an example from Old Farms Landscaping:




In LinkedIn there are two sets of images to create. We have your personal profile that includes the profile picture and the background image.  Then we have the LinkedIn Company Page where we have the company profile picture and the cover image that appears on the company page.


For your personal profile, the best size for the LinkedIn profile image is 400 x 400 pixels.  The recommended resolution for the background image is 1400 x 425 pixels.



On the company page, the recommended size for your logo is 400 x 400 pixels (it is resized to 60 x 60 pixels).  Your cover photo that appears on your LinkedIn company page should be 646 x 220 pixels. Below is great example from Arccos Golf:





You need to follow YouTube's recommended sizes and they definitely won't accept an image if it's too small.  The recommended dimensions for the Channel Art (background/cover image) is 2560 x 1440 pixels. The image will be cropped for different screen resolutions.  For the Channel Icon, it's recommended to upload an image that is 800 x 800 pixels, but it will be displayed at 98 x 98.  One of my favorite shows has a fantastic example that almost makes the Channel Art and Icon look like they are one image:




PINTEREST & Instagram

In Pinterest and Instagram you only need your profile picture.  For the Pinterest profile, use an image that is 165 x 165 pixels.  The Instagram profile picture dimensions are 110 x 110 pixels.


Not a designer? If you need help editing the images check out Canva! They offer a lot of templates for social media images and it's FREE!

Don't forget!!  Bookmark this page so you can access it next time you need to update your social media profile and cover images. I will do my best to include updates as we all know nothing stays the same for long when it's "on the line."

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