Event Recap: March 2015 Sales Accelerators Monthly Networking Event at HubSpot

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on March 26, 2015

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Another great networking event!  This month's speaker was Glenn Gaudet, President & Founder of GaggleAMP, and the topic was Social Selling.  Pete Caputa mixed it up a bit and let Andrew Quinn, the Director of Training and Development at HubSpot, ask the questions this time.  When Andrew got a hold of the mic and started speaking, I turned to Carole Mahoney and said "Is this guy a radio personality?"  I think he may have been joking around a bit, but I think he can definitely give Nick Sal a run for his money!


Ok, on to a recap of what we learned.  Glenn focused on Twitter and LinkedIn as the two social media platforms to focus on for B2B sales people.  Here are some tidbits from his talk:

Check Yourself.  Glenn asked everyone to take out their phones and look at their own LinkedIn Profile, and then the same on Twitter.  "Would you buy from yourself?" was the question he posed.  In a world where sales people are doing research on prospects, and prospects are doing research on sales people, it's important to be honest with your own profile.  If it is all about you and all the great things you've done, then you are missing an opportunity to show how you can be helpful to others.

Real Estate.  LinkedIn and Twitter both give you a certain amount of Real Estate to share with the world.

  • Twitter gives you a short description, and obviously only 140 characters to utilize in tweets.  You have to be concise, but Glenn suggests you include a call-to-action in your description.  If someone gets to your profile, you have maybe 3 seconds to get their attention so something as simple as "Please Follow" may be enough to prompt action.  
  • LinkedIn offers you more opportunity to relay your purpose or message.  There is definitely more space to utilize so you can be more descriptive, but a call-to-action is still vital.  Glenn does a great job of showing an example of this on his own LinkedIn profile by adding "We're hiring!" to his professional headline:


Twitter List Building.  Twitter allows you to build lists.  In essence, a Twiiter list is a sub-newsfeed of your regular newsfeed.  One thing I didn't know, is that you can make private Twitter lists.  Glenn disclosed that a private list is a great prospecting tool.  If you make a list of your prospects, you may not want your competitors to be able to poach those prospects, so that's where a private list comes in handy. 

Relationship Building.  "A relationship is created on multiple touch points"  This is true in real life, and it's true in social selling.  Use events such as favorites and retweets on Twitter, and likes and comments on LinkedIn as engagement opportunities.  Not start your sales pitch opportunities, but simple things like "thanks for the retweet" go a long way to make people feel welcome.  "Who doesn't like to get thanked publicly?"

Content Creation.  There is a lot of content out there.  A lot of it is crap.  Sometimes people feel that they always have to create original content.  This is not the case.  "Curating content for others" is a great way to share relevant content and position yourself as a thought leader.  You just have to find the right balance.  Glenn said the following quote while answering a question from the audience, but fits nicely here.  In the context of content creation: "Try putting out quality...and see what happens!"

Perception Issue.  A lot of people get self-conscious about posting the same content too many times.  Glenn said this mindset sometimes handcuffs many sales people from posting content at all.  In reality, you are not posting nearly enough.  Even if you post 4-5 times a day, it doesn't mean that everyone in your feed is paying attention to every post.

How to get kicked out of the club.  An audience member asked Glenn about engaging a new LinkedIn connection by asking for more than just a connection, but also a (paraphrasing here) "I see you work for X and have expertise in X.  Could we schedule a 15 minute call to ask you a few questions?"  Glenn suggested that it was a good idea to engage that way, but if you do get the call and use it to start pitching your wares, that person will immediately shutdown the relationship.  Not only that, you may ruin it for any other sales people at your company.  The key takeaway is always be genuine with your intentions and don't give some one a reason to avoid you.   

Pain Points.  One audience member, a recruiter, asked about the correct ratio to use for your posts- your stuff vs. sharing others stuff.  She asked if if it was 2-to-1, I've heard 80%-20%, but Glenn said that it all depends.  It depends on the audience, what content you are creating, how many times you are publishing, etc... You need to find out what works for you, and just do that.    
The recruiter mentioned that only posting job listings all day is not remarkable and can get kind of annoying to readers.  Andrew Quinn offered up a really great idea.  He suggested, why not address the pain points you are experiencing trying to fill the job.  By doing so, you are inadvertanlty offering the job, but not making it all about the job posting.  People like to read real-life stories, and some creative thinking can pretty much turn any post into a real-life story.  

That about covers it!  If I missed anything, please feel free to add to the story in the comments section.  Until next month...


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