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Posted by Rick Roberge on April 27, 2015

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Some questions just get me thinking. A few days ago, I was asked, "How Does Inbound Work With Companies That Are Not Online?"

My knee jerk reaction was, "Huh? Why would a company not be online?"

Then I started thinking, "What does 'not online' mean? No website, not on social media, or do they have a static place holder page, but aren't active online?"

growing your business online with inbound

Who's in business, but not online? Lucy? the shoe shine guy? these guys?

Goose Rocks Beach is not a business and does not have a website, but 100's (maybe 1,000's) of businesses rely on it attracting tourists' cash to the area restaurants, lodging options and other attractions every summer.

As I was researching, I remembered the DogFather food truck. The Feast Beast has been parked at the corner of Holden Street and Shore Drive for years. Every day, from 11-2 the adjacent parking lot is full and there's a line of people waiting to get their hot dog(s).

How many of the businesses mentioned on Trip Advisor are not online? My guess is a good many.

How many businesses have you bought from in the past week are not online? Your barber or hairdresser? Your local meat market? Your auto mechanic? Have you ever given a business that wasn't online a glowing review?

So, here's the problem. If you're reading this, you probably are online, but some of the businesses that you buy from are not. If they've got a great product or service and they've treated you well and you want to help them. Do three things.

  1. Comment on this blog. Something like, "I just had the best hot dog at Joe's on XYZ Street in HisTown" or "I'm getting all kinds of stares because I just got my hair done at ABC Salon in mytown." Then use the sharing buttons below to socialize this article along with your comment on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or wherever else you hang out. My friends will share your testimonial with their friends and we'll make your friend rich even though they're not online.
  2. Send your friend an email with a link to this article and to your shares. Tell them to look for your comment. Send them a screen shot of your tweet or share if they aren't on those platforms.
  3. Check back with them in a week and ask if anyone's come in and mentioned that they heard about them on this blog and let us know.

BTW, there are a gazillion ways that businesses who have a good location, good base of customers, or attend networking events or trade shows can use online without being online. We're happy to share. Just reach out to Heather, Michael or myself. We're easy to talk to.

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