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Posted by Heather Hurczyn on January 10, 2014

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Ok, I hear you loud and clear. You are probably right that you need a website redesign, but WHY? Let's bring it back to the beginning for just a second. Roughly fourteen years ago, I remember being in my senior year of college, as an Advertising major, and the buzz for all companies to have a website was in full force.  Most companies, not all, rushed to get this thing called a “website” because that was the newest and greatest marketing tool. Remember the first websites that mirrored a digital copy of a printed brochure, which included a list of products, services, contact information and the intriguing about us page. The design of the first websites were table based and the content was informative to a point, a very short, dull point. There was limited interaction with your web visitors and rarely a reason for them to come back.   

This adorable three year old knows you have to have a website, and it has to be good.

The next generation of websites were polar opposites, they were all about design and of course the use of macromedia (adobe now) flash was all the rage.  There was a huge emphasis on having a “cool” or “flashy” design and the most creatively designed websites were considered the best sites, but were they really? We know how well Flash and apple worked together, but that wasn’t the biggest problem with the websites that were created to this point. Had anyone stopped and asked themselves the reason or goal for having a website? Or was it just something we were doing because everyone else had one? Were we keeping our target market in mind when creating this powerful marketing/sales tool?   

Thankfully, today we’ve almost come full circle, but this time we are doing it right. We are setting an aligned marketing and sales goal for our websites, providing remarkable content to attract visitors, converting visitors to leads and closing on more customers through inbound sales.   

It’s an exciting time to revamp your digital marketing presence. So if you are contemplating a “website redesign”, stop and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the ultimate goal of my website? Or better yet, what are my sales and marketing goals for my company?
    All successful businesses set a goal for their company in order to measure their success. In order to have a business, you need to be in business, right? You may want to increase monthly sales by 50% by the end of the year. That’s a great goal, now you have a target to aim for when creating a strategic marketing plan. Keep in mind when setting your goals make sure the sales and marketing goals coincide. Check out this post from HubSpot about aligning your Sales and Marketing teams through “Smarketing”.

  2. How are we currently tracking the success of our website and what does it tell us?
    If you aren’t already tracking your website, I recommend using google analytics or hubspot’s closed-loop analytics to analyze the number ofvisits visits, bounce rate, time on site, what social media platforms are bringing you the most customers, the number of new leads/form submissions, etc.  To ensure you reach your marketing/sales goal, it’s detrimental to track this information to determine what marketing or sales strategies are working and what needs to be “redesigned”. By analyzing this data and comparing it to your current monthly sales you will be able to determine how many more visitors you will need to attract to increase the number of leads to ultimately increase your monthly sales.

  3. What are we not achieving with our current website?
    Based on the questions above, you will now be able to review your website to determine what actually needs to be “redesigned”.  Here is a list of key elements every website should have:
      • Business blog 
      • Lead generation tools
      • Active social media presence
      • Segmented and targeted email marketing
      • Remarkable content

For more details on what you need to consider before you start a website redesign, download 710 Studios 10-Step Checklist for Your Next Website Redesign.

10-Step Checklist for Your Website Redesign

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