Hey, Marketing and Sales, You're On The Same Team

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on October 1, 2014

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There has been this recurring problem or complaint that I hear about from other businesses and I'm blown awaySales and marketing platform because it just doesn't make any sense to me. The common issue is that the salespeople and marketers do not work together towards a common goal. Not only do they not work together, they blame each other for not reaching their set goals.  Sound familiar?

There Is No "I" In Team

Recently, while I was at the INBOUND 2014 conference, I was speaking with two other inbound marketing strategists about this recurring problem in their own companies. And during this conversation, I had an epiphany, these two groups are on the same team. 

Ultimately, their goal is the same, to create growth for the company. So why combat each other? A team is a group of people with different strengths who are all working toward a common goal.  When on a team you must support and trust one another in order to succeed.  In college, I played attacking center midfield for the women's soccer team and if I took on this same mentality with my teammates we would have never won a game (our ultimiate goal).  What if I never passed the ball to the defense or a forward, how would that behavior benefit the team?  Or what if I always blamed the defense for losing the game? And the defense blamed me because I didn't score a goal?  The ball starts at the top and has to go through eleven people before you can score or be scored on. Just like the sale, it starts at the top of the funnel and needs to go all the way to the bottom. Every piece of the funnel, has to be there to successfully turn that lead into a customer.  It takes a group of people who are aware of one and others strengths and skills, and whom have the willingness to work together to create a successful team.

Marketing and Sales Unite

As I mentioned, this is a common problem in a variety of companies, and within our inbound marketing strategies we emphasize the importance of aligning your marketers and salespeople to help obtain maximum growth.  It's not always an easy task.  It's especially difficult if you don't have the ability to easily share data between the marketers and the sales people. Fortunately, at INBOUND14 we were introduced to a big game changer.  Now joining the #1 Inbound Marketing Software, HubSpot, is a built in CRM.  The sales and marketing teams tools are now fully aligned and wearing the same team jersey.  Check it out below, it's awe-inspiring!


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