How Can Your Blog Make The Buying Process Easier This Holiday Season?

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on October 30, 2014

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Yup, it's about that time of year again! There is a briskness in the air and all of the stores around you have their Christmas decorations up and it's only the day before Halloween.   As a consumer, this time of year is Blogging This Holiday Seasonoverwhelming for me. I'm always seeking the perfect gift for my family members and especially my kids. I would say 95% of my shopping is done online because of the convenience and the lower prices. BUT, the down fall is I'm not able to actually touch the product and feel 100% confident in my choice. So often, I have to take additional time reading through reviews and relying on strangers to tell me if it's a quality product. This is all well and good for some purchases, but there is still a lack of confidence in my purchase and the time it takes to gather information

Provide Expert Knowledge On Your Products 

Buyer's want to educate themselves on the product before making a purchase. Whether they are making the purchase online or in the store they are hungry to gather as much information as possible before they make the final decision.  Today companies have such an awesome tool right at their fingertips where you are able to provide insight on the products you are selling. I worked in retail for over ten years at my father's local sporting good store, so I often find myself brainstorming about how we would have marketed his business if it were still open today.  For example, I think of the wall of soccer goalkeeper gloves we had and how many options there were. A parent trying to purchase a pair of gloves for their child this holiday season wouldn't know where to begin if they were to look at all the choices online. Though if I were to provide a blog post about the "Top Five Youth Goalie Gloves To Purchase This Holiday Season", this would instantly provide valuable content and assist the buyer's purchasing decision.  Being a one stop shop where they can gather product information and purchase the products on the same website creates a favorable buying process.

Become A Trusted Source

Now that you've provided the buyer with helpful product information, they will look to you as a trusted source and will come back to you for advice on their next related purchase. Keep in mind, each post should not just be about your products, however, it should always provide useful information that addresses a challenge of your buyer persona. For example, provide a blog post on "How to size your child for goalie gloves" or "How to care for your goalie gloves". You aren't pitching one of your products, but are addressing the buyer's points of interest. Blogging about tips and techniques will continue to build trust and delight your customers.  These buyer's will stop there endless search process and come directly to you. And today's happy customer's talk and share their experience.


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