8 Benefits For Using Google+ for Your Small Businesses

Posted by Lindsay Klorer on December 12, 2014

In Social Media

As a small business owner, looking for inventive and thoughtful ways to engage with your prospects8 reasons to setup google+ page and customers online is key for the growth of your business. The use of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are staple platforms to promote your business and engage with other businesses and customers, but how can you best leverage a social media platform to increase your search ranking? 

With a Google+ page, you can help increase your business's SEO and reach a more targeted audience by simply interacting with the #1 search engine. Although Google+ has come into the social media market a few years ago, it can often times be overlooked by businesses because they don't know enough about it.  


8 Benefits For Using Google+

  1. Boosts your search rankings and SEP value with an active, complete Google+ business profile. Google considers its own factors, such as the number of +1s on the Google+ Business Page, to be most influential in determining ranking order.
  2. Gain a more targeted audience by creating “Circles” and “Communities” focusing on your buyer personas. By building these circles and communities, you build relationships and make connections by having two-way discussions and interactions. As Lauren Witte, Associate Director of Marketing & Client Services of Jackson White P.C. says, "add people to your circles in hopes of them adding you to theirs". Once you reach a certain number of followers, that number will appear next to your link when you appear on an organic Google search. Also, a high number of followers in your circles helps to boost your authority with Google, which also helps to improve your search rankings.
  3. Help drive traffic to your website: Content you post on your Google+ page can rank in search results in instances where your website alone may not. Each post has a unique URL and, when the content generates interaction, it can potentially rank in search results! Once a visitor sees your Google+ page from this interaction and a link to your website, it can generate more visits to your site.
  4. Gain exposure and build a personal brand by using Google+ Authorship. This connects a Google+ personal profile to an individual webpage, blog post or article. It creates greater reach on search engines, meaning your headshot and Google+ profile stats can show in the search engine results page when content you’ve authored ranks!
  5. Hasthtag searches on Google integrate recent Google+ posts that use that hashtag! So always use at least one hashtag with all your posts.
  6. Allows your brand to stand out with positive reviews on your Google+ page. Google makes it easy for users to find similar businesses to yours nearby, so it's important to have reviews that will help build credibility for your business and make you stand out among your competitors.
  7. Fosters a positive, engaging relationship with your customers by posting new and upcoming events or changes to your business.
  8. Drives customer engagement by using video clips since YouTube is directly integrated with Google+. Short videos about your service, deals or promotions can be posted in both platforms. 

Begin using Google+ as a means to create that human connection you want with your customers, and let inbound marketing help set the stage for the growth of your small business!


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