How Small Businesses Are Making a Big Impact Online

Posted by Lindsay Klorer on November 25, 2014

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As a passionate, creative, and driven entrepreneur, a friend of mine has made her dream a reality by making connections online. Her business didn't always start out this way. Her primary marketing focus was through word-of-mouth, ads, and mailers. After discovering how connecting to potential customers online could help attract them to her business, she has taken off and become very successful. See below how her story of making a big impact online and unknowingly utilizing inbound marketing strategies has helped her business flourish! 

Attract New Visitors:Simply_SignsB-859184-edited-888945-edited

In the Attract stage, you are attracting the right people to your business. You invite them to view your remarkable content on your website, and show them how you can help be their problem solver. Go to where they are by using social media, blogs, and SEO. My friend posts images of new signs and blogs daily on her Facebook page and Twitter. She provides specific and relatable content to the online world, and in doing so she has increased her visitor traffic by double since beginning her venture this past year. Doing this with consistency will only help you see the increase in new visitors. Tweeting on a daily basis, blogging how-to's, and providing helpful guides can attract new visitors to you. 


Convert these Visitors into Leads:

Now that you've grabbed the attention of your new visitors to your business, you want to continue them along the buyer's journey by converting them into a lead. How do you do this? Give them a reason to walk into your store to collect an offer! After blogging how a customized barn wood sign makes that holiday gift that much more meaningful, as opposed to the prefabricated, mass-produced sign, my friend decided to offer her visitors a coupon for their first sign they buy. By placing a Call-to-Action to this offer, at the bottom of her blog, she collects valuable contact information once the visitor clicks this CTA and is brought to the corresponding Landing Page.  Once they submit the form that visitor has now become a new lead! 

Close that Lead into Your Customer:

So now the lead came into my friend's store, wanting to use the offer he clicked on the Landing Page. He came to view samples of the beautifully handcrafted signs, wanting to use the coupon that was delivered to him. She continued to listen and provide solutions when needed, and what followed suit was a potential customer that turned into a current customer. After closing this lead into a customer, my friend wanted to continue him along his buyer's journey, furthering the personal communication. She followed-up with specific and personal emails with more offers so he could continue to use her talent and business! 


Delight Your Customer:

Her new customer came back to claim his handcrafted sign, and was absolutely thrilled. Not only was the final product exactly what he envisioned, but he felt his needs were specifically met because she listened and nurtured him along the first three stages of the buying process. She brought the human connection into the buyer's journey, and he was a very satisfied customer. Did she stop here? No! It's vital for the company's success and vitality to have this customer become her promoter! She's delighted him with her service and product, so he is more apt to promote her and her business to others, attracting more visitors to her store. This is where the Inbound Marketing cycle begins again, but slightly different because her new customer can begin the marketing process for her! He is now a reliable source for her business, which is proof to future customers that she is a business worth investing in. She continues to nurture and delight this customer by providing more offers, invitations to fun and engaging events, and keeping his level of interest high.  

As a small business entrepreneur, you are the heart of your passion, your product and service. Use your knowledge and passion to bring it to where you can help others thrive! With inbound marketing, you take your business to that next level! 


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