Is Your Marketing Organized, Organized Chaos, or Just Chaos?

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on July 27, 2015

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Every year for six years from 12 years-old through my teens, I attended a week-long overnight soccer camp. SoccerPLUS Goalkeeper School was an elite camp for serious goalkeepers.  They brought in some of the best professional and collegiate coaches and players from around the world.  As a camper, the staff could walk on water.  They were the best players I had ever seen, and they also ran a tight ship.  If you wanted to play beyond high school, you would need disciple and dedication, and the staff exuded that with everything they did.  

The summer after my freshman year in college, I worked as a staff coach and did so for the next six years. The view from the inside was very different from the view from the outside.  


Shipping equipment and staff to two or three new locations around the country, every week for ten weeks, throughout the summer is no small task.

Setting up a new site was always the hardest.  There was at least one director at every camp delegating duties.  We had a Director's Manual.  An Administrator's Manual.  Rules.  Checklists.  The national office had everything organized and prepared beforehand, but each location was different and came with their own challenges. If everything fell into place as it should, there was no issue.  But you can't write a manual for everything.  

The first few weeks I can remember thinking to myself, are these campers looking up to me the same way I used to look up to my coaches? 

“This is organized chaos.”

It didn’t matter to the campers, though. We knew what the end product was supposed to look like, and we did what we could, with what we had, to ensure the same positive impact on the campers that I had experienced. We needed to be resourceful.

Is portraying yourself or your business online much different? 

Every business owner has a vision of how they want the outside world to view them. In today's digital landscape, the scrutiny is different. You need to perform in-person and online. Are you a thought leader in your space?  Does your audience view you as a thought leader in your space? Are you being resourceful and using what you have to give off the right impression?

How do you manage your marketing? Is it organized, organized chaos, or just chaos?

There are a lot of methodologies, manuals, rules, and checklists you could follow. But which is the right one for your situation? Have you ever come up with a plan and then something happened that you hadn't anticipated? Is it realistic to anticipate the speed of change on the internet or is it better to be resourceful? 

Can you do it yourself or do you need help?

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