Jim Gaffigan Proves That Inbound Marketing Works!

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on December 2, 2014

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wagamama harvard squareLast month I was in Boston, MA for a girls weekend with my best friend who now lives in North Carolina. The only part of the trip we planned was our reservation on airbnb.com.   We were set up in a great spot in Boston where we could walk to almost everything or jump on the T. It was perfect since we had no set plans, except to eat some yummy food and maybe have a drink or two. As two busy mamas, it was nice to not have a plan and just explore the city. We of course posted many of our photos on Instagram so our families could share in our fun.

On Saturday, after a yummy breakfast, shopping, afternoon movie (not a Disney featured film) and snacks, we headed out to Harvard Square. While enjoying my first experience at Wagamama (it was delicious), my friend went on Instagram to see a photo I tagged her in. As she browsed her feed, she noticed Jim Gaffigan's most recent post. He was in Boston and performing at 8pm for the Comics Come Home benefit show at the TD Garden. We both looked at each other in shock. It was 7pm. Could there still be tickets and could we get there in time? We checked online and there were tickets still available. We quickly shoveled down our food, hopped onto the T, purchased tickets at the ticket window, grabbed a glass of wine and sat down seconds before the show started. And what a show it was!


You and Your Customers Will Be Thankful For Inbound Marketing

Without Jim Gaffigan's Instagram account, these two very busy mamas would have missed out on one of their favorite comedians.  And not only did we get to see the great Jim Gaffigan, but the event was hosted by Denis Leary and other comedians including the hilarious Jimmy Fallon, Robert Kelly and many more. It was the ultimate perfect ending to a weekend away.

Jim Gaffigan's team is brilliant because they are consistently sharing relevant content to his fans (his buyer personas) on the platforms they are actively involved. If this happened five years ago, we would have missed it because we wouldn't have been on Instagram.  How could this marketing practice affect your business? What if you were consistently active on the platforms that are relevant to your buyer personas? Not every view is guaranteed to be a sale, but think about all the ones you could be missing right now.


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