New beginnings. Time to take a leap INBOUND.

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on September 28, 2013

With this being my first blog post, I thought I should get a little personal, so you can better understand where I started and now where I’m beginning. I graduated from college with a BA in Advertising in 2001 (SNHU), which was almost the worst time to do it. At that time, there were no web design or online marketing classes offered at that time. Now, if I started in 2001 that probably would have been a different story. I saw the need for them and I knew that needed to be my focus. So what did I do? I jumped into a technical college (STCC) and began my focus on web design. After completing my courses I was fortunate to get a job creating and managing websites. Thankfully, my first site is no longer available for your viewing pleasure. You have to begin somewhere, right?

After almost five years at my first job, I felt I was at a stand still. I had amazing experiences, with the highlight being the project manager of MentorPRO, but I wasn’t growing as a web designer and marketer. I decided to branch out and start my own company to get re-inspired. It had been five years and I definitely grew as a web designer/developer. I was very proud of the work I created and the customer support I provided, but something was still missing. 


I was creating this great marketing tool for my customers and then sending them on their way to do what? To have a pretty website? It was like I was providing a sailboat without a sail. I had stopped thinking about the goals of marketing and why you market a product or service because my only focus was having a website. I wanted to help my customers’ businesses grow and excel, but how? I knew telemarketing was ridiculous; I didn’t want to talk to a telemarketer, so why would I do it for myself; and direct mail pieces were being recycled right out of the mailbox. So now what? What was the missing connection?

In April 2013, my husband, who is always sharing his findings with me, sent me a link to HubSpot. At first glance, I was completely intrigued and I could feel the love I once had for marketing begin to grow again. I had a big crush on HubSpot. I became Inbound Marketing Certified and throughout all the classes I kept nodding my head. HubSpot NAILED IT! Then when I had the opportunity to attend INBOUND 2013, don’t tell my husband, but I fell in love with HubSpot. As an athlete, I have been inspired from coaches, teammates and my own inner strength. I have never once in my profession been inspired at this caliber. I was ready to go make a difference and be remarkable.

This is the new beginning of 710 Studios, where I will be remarkable to make you remarkable, fill you with delightion as HubSpot did for me and in the end make positive human connections that will spread. It’s our time to take a leap INBOUND.

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