Why Visitors May Be Leaving Your E-commerce Website

A few weeks ago, I sat down with a gentleman who has been a buyer for a government agency for the past four years to discuss his experience when making online purchases on a variety of manufacturing websites. To respect his privacy, I can't disclose his real name, so let's just call him Joe.

Joe spends a good portion of his day buying parts on e-commerce websites.  While he is not an expert in web design, he is however, an expert on visiting websites and having to work really hard to make a purchase. We wanted to know what attributes of a website make his life easier, and what makes him never want to come back. Here are the key takeaways from our conversation:

Event Recap: May 2015 Port Cities Inbound

I had the pleasure of attending a great mini Inbound conference on last Wednesday in Portsmouth NH.  Port Cities Inbound was a joint effort put on by the Portsmount HUG and Portland HUG.  I normally try to do a pretty inclusive recap, but since Adam Zais was there recording the event, I'll let him share the inclusive video recap, and I'll leave you with some really great key takeaways from each presenter.  

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Should You Design Your Company Website?

Trust. A word that means taking a giant leap of faith, whether trusting in someone or something. To me, trust is the center of my marriage with my husband. It's where I feel most central with my family and friends. It's also the center of all of my decision making. When I am at a cross-roads of a big decision, I rely on my instinct, trusting it will guide me towards making the right choice. The same is true when it comes to making business decisions for your company. Trust yourself to take a leap that will help drive your business goals. Furthermore, try and relinquish your control and trust someone else with expertise to help with that leap. 

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Grow Your Company WITHOUT Being Online

Some questions just get me thinking. A few days ago, I was asked, "How Does Inbound Work With Companies That Are Not Online?"

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Event Recap: April 2015 Sales Accelerators Monthly Networking Event At HubSpot

This months sales accelerators networking event at HubSpot featured Tim Bertrand (@TimBertrand), SVP WW Sales & Field Ops at Acquia The focus of the session was how Acquia grew from zero to 100+ million in sales. Tim has lead sales at Acquia since 2009. Acquia was the fastest growing private company in the United States from 2008-2013 - as defined by Deloitte in their Fast 500 study.  Tim was interviewed by Andrew Quinn, the Director of Training and Development at HubSpot. A big thank you to HubSpot for hosting and for providing free pizza and beer.

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Why You Need To Stop Ignoring Your Website

Spring is finally making its presence known in Connecticut and soon we will be dusting off the lawn mower and gardening gloves or calling up the lawn service company to schedule the first cut of the season. Now imagine this spring that you decide to ignore your lawn and weeds in the gardens. You would still be able to go about your day without any problems, but what impression do you think you would be giving to your neighbors or passersby that don't know you? Does someone still live there? Why don't they take pride in what they own? Now instead of it being your overgrown and unkempt lawn, what if it was your website that you were ignoring? What kind of an impression are you giving your visitors and potential customers if you've ignored your website for years?

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The Only Acceptable Time To Start Your Sales Pitch


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Event Recap: March 2015 Sales Accelerators Monthly Networking Event at HubSpot

Another great networking event!  This month's speaker was Glenn Gaudet, President & Founder of GaggleAMP, and the topic was Social Selling.  Pete Caputa mixed it up a bit and let Andrew Quinn, the Director of Training and Development at HubSpot, ask the questions this time.  When Andrew got a hold of the mic and started speaking, I turned to Carole Mahoney and said "Is this guy a radio personality?"  I think he may have been joking around a bit, but I think he can definitely give Nick Sal a run for his money!

Ok, on to a recap of what we learned.  Glenn focused on Twitter and LinkedIn as the two social media platforms to focus on for B2B sales people.  Here are some tidbits from his talk:

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10 Things You Can Do This Month To Grow Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

I talk with Rick Roberge often. A couple of weeks ago, he told me that he was going to update his most read article in the past two years. Then he left for Mexico. He got back today and when he read my article, he said, "Great! Now I don't have to write it."

With more than 347 million users, LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals, and in turn, has positioned itself as one of the top social networks overall.  Do you know if you are using LinkedIn to its full potential?  In today's digital landscape, a strong LinkedIn profile is vital whether you are looking for a job or looking for new business.  Here are your 10 things:

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5 Fun Social Media Tips To Help Increase Engagement

In any case, social media represents an excellent opportunity to grow your brand in 2015, even if your aren't a social media guru. Use the following easy social media tips to help increase engagement and grow your brand.

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How (Lack Of) Transparency May Effect Peoples’ Depiction Of You

I am a huge Formula 1 fan.  F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport.  The most advanced cars, the biggest budgets, the fastest drivers are all part of the allure.  The one thing F1 lacks, especially with the way the US covers the sport, is seeing the true personalities of the drivers.  Sure, you see some candid moments from time to time, but mostly it’s a grand show.  Driver interviews are usually conducted with the team’s PR person standing over the driver’s shoulder.  For the most part, drivers are very politically correct about their feelings regarding on-track altercations such as collisions or crashes, disagreements with team decisions, etc… 

Direct links to the Documentary - Part 1 and Part 2

I recently came across a video that transformed my impression of a driver: Fernando Alonso Documentary, Last Race with Ferrari. 

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Event Recap: Visitors Day at BNI - Building Alliances

I attended a BNI meeting once in 2008, but I had forgotten what BNI was all about.  You can learn about BNI on their website, but the one memory that came back to me, and what I feel makes the group work, is their attendance policy and how it equates to accountability.  Some people seek accountability at BNI, some at Chamber Events, I happened to choose Rick Roberge

I enjoyed the networking opportunity and was able to reconnect with Chloe White, the Chapter VP who I went to CCSU with, and Adam Pavelchak, who I played soccer with at Bristol Eastern High School, both of whom I haven’t seen in over a decade!  This was a far drive to make every Wednesday morning so I may seek out a more local BNI group to join in the future, but only for proximity reasons. This group had a lot of driven professionals!  Here is a list of them along with a recap of the type of business they are seeking: 

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7 Social Media Tips - What NOT to do and WHY

Social media can be a great tool for building your business, but it is not foolproof. There are things you can do on social media, or fail to do, that can actually hurt your business.

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How to Make an Effective LinkedIn Company Page

When it comes to social media, LinkedIn is one of the best places for professionals to connect with their peers. It is also the perfect place for businesses to build more B2B leads, announce new products and services, and research potential customers before making contact. The key to any social media outlet is a polished profile, so here is what you need to know to build an effective LinkedIn company page. 

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Paralysis by Analysis

I just read an article on SI.com about my friend Paul Rogers.  Paul, was the goalkeeper coach for the US Women's National Team, from 2009 up until last week where he accepted a job as goalkeeper coach for MLS's Houston Dynamo. Normally, this sort of thing doesn't garner attention, but the USWNT is heading into a World Cup this summer in Canada, and their star goalkeeper (arguable the best female GK in the world) has infamously grabbed headlines for off-the-pitch activities.  Solo was just suspended for 30 days by US Soccer so, according to the article, Paul's abrupt departure raised some eyebrows.  

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“I CAN’T WRITE!” - Yes You Can! (Tip #1: Stop Saying That!)

Most adult people can speak. If you are among that lucky majority, then the truth is that you can also write, and if you want to – or need to! – then there are some very simple steps you can take that will greatly enhance your ability to do so. I am not talking about going back to school or getting a tutor (although I can help you with that if you’d like :). Rather, I am talking about making a few significant modifications to your approach to the task that will provide you with immediate results.

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Event Recap: January 2015 Sales Accelerators Monthly Networking Event at HubSpot

First, a big thank you to HubSpot for hosting, and also to Pete Caputa and his team for organizing, and thank you to Rick Roberge for taking time out of his busy schedule talking about sales to talk about sales!   It was refreshing to hear that I am not alone with some of the sales challenges, but also reassuring to listen to Rick share some of the same advice that he teaches in our coaching sessions.

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