Paralysis by Analysis

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on February 2, 2015

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I just read an article on about my friend Paul Rogers.  Paul, was the goalkeeper coach for the US Women's National Team, from 2009 up until last week where he accepted a job as goalkeeper coach for MLS's Houston Dynamo. Normally, this sort of thing doesn't garner attention, but the USWNT is heading into a World Cup this summer in Canada, and their star goalkeeper (arguable the best female GK in the world) has infamously grabbed headlines for off-the-pitch activities.  Solo was just suspended for 30 days by US Soccer so, according to the article, Paul's abrupt departure raised some eyebrows.  

Paul Rogers Goalkeeper coach

In the article, Tony DiCicco, spoke about the goalkeeping outlook for the upcoming World Cup.  Paul and I worked together for many summers at Tony's SoccerPlus Camps, and I would rate Tony as the authority on Women's Soccer.  Tony coached the USWNT to a Gold Medal on the 1996 Olympics, and a win in the 1999 World Cup final, so his track record speaks for itself.  When asked about Head Coach Jill Ellis finding a replacement GK Coach, Tony responded -

“Jill’s gotta get this right, quite honestly,” said DiCicco. “Because if a new goalkeepers coach comes in and wants to make his mark and starts changing things, it may impact goalkeeper confidence. The expression I use is paralysis by analysis. If a new coach comes in and wants to demonstrate their wealth of knowledge, it could start to confuse the goalkeepers a bit.”

Paralysis by Analysis!  What a powerful phrase!  It certainly applies to what Tony is saying, but I gather it can be applied to many business and sales situations as well.  Think about your business-

  • On the buying side- Have you ever had so much information to wade through, you had trouble making a decision on buying something or hiring someone?  How did you get in that mess?  Was it self-inflicted by over-collecting and then over-analyzing?  Maybe you just didn't know how to get started.
  • On the selling side- Do you understand where your prospects are in the Buyer's Journey?  Typically, over 60% of the sales cycle is completed before you even speak with a prospect.  Are you giving them the information they need to get them to 100%, or are you overloading them with data that will hinder their decision making ability?  Do you know when to stop selling?

At some point, it will be decision time.  Maybe you are trying to decide on how to grow your business in 2015. Are you ready to grow or do you need more data?


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