The Truth Comes First and the Sale Comes Second

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on November 15, 2013

Being honest is the perfect pitchThe other day driving home from dropping my kids off at school I was listening to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack and the "Bella's" finale performance started playing. The song is a collaboration of three songs sung by a very unorthodox and surprisingly talented a cappella group.  I had listened to this song numerous times, but today the words spoke to me in a whole new way.

The first part of the song is from the song "Pricetag" by British singer-songwriter Jessie J, featuring American rapper B.o.B., and the line that hit me was this "Seems like everybody's got a price. I wonder how they sleep at night. When the sale comes first and the truth comes second."  How often as a consumer do you feel that the salesperson is doing whatever it takes to make the "sale" even if it takes hiding the truth? I think of a recent experience with my cable/internet service provider. They only focused on the sale back when we first purchased their services. There had not been any contact from the company unless they were trying to sell me a month free of HBO. Since we signed on the price we started with continued to go up without notice.  Where was the truth and honesty in their service? 

There is another line in this song that I love that says "pay them with love tonight. It's not about the money, money, money." I hadn't received any "love" from our service provider since we signed on. Our relationship was all "about the money, money, money."  And don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting things for free, but if I felt loved as a customer, delighted by the services provided and they were honest about the price changes, then the price tag wouldn't matter as much.

Be Pitch Perfect

Now think about it on the other side. Are you focusing your pitch on getting the sale at the cost of truth? And once you make that sale are you done with the relationship until you have something new to pitch? A delighted customer is the one who continues the inbound marketing flow by attracting new visitors through:

  • Verbal referrals you to their friends, family and co-workers
  • Writing great reviews on your website.
  • Tweeting or posting on Facebook about the exceptional service your company provided

This is free organic marketing for your company, so pay your customers back with love. Send them a transparent offer or gift; one that they don't have to jump through hoops to receive. Be honest, give love and your customers will be delighted for many years to come and the price tag won't be so tough to swallow.

 Ok, now here is the video of the Bella's Finale Performance from the movie Pitch Perfect for pure entertainment value. Be prepared it is a little risqué in parts.

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