Recycle Your Marketing Strategy: How Small Businesses Can Use Facebook

Posted by Lindsay Klorer on December 8, 2014

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I recently received a flyer in my son's backpack for an upcoming annual PTO family skate night event. My first thought was, "NO! You won't get anyone to register with that approach!" I found out from the parent who distributed the flyers of the outcome and response. Can you guess how many people actually did register after the flyers went out? Four...out of 200 families! A day or so later, another parent took to Facebook and posted the event on the school's page, using the same flyer's graphics and information. After an hour of posting the event, they were able to securely commit 10 families and even two volunteers...and they continued to pour in that first day.


So how can this example relate to you and your small business' marketing strategy

Let's face it, those direct mailers and flyers you get in the mail on a daily basis have little, if any impact or sway on whether you pursue the service or product, right? Our time is limited, precious, and we thrive on finding useful content and information that's easily consumable, at our fingertips, and on our time. 

Flyers act as a one-way street, only allowing for your product and service to interrupt others, never really allowing you to truly listen to the customer. And can you guess where most of those mailers and flyers end up because of this? Yes, in the trash (or hopefully recycling bin). Interact with your buyer personas, your customers. It's about a mutual connection, not a one-way street. Facebook allows the social interaction to emerge and continue as you build relationships with your customers.

Take a look at the list below that shows how both marketing methods can help yield effective benefits. 


Marketing Benefits   Facebook
Uses social monitoring to follow-up and answer questions or solve customers' problems  Yes No
Raises brand awareness          Yes No
Steers traffic to your website       Yes No
Promotes social sharing    Yes No
Businesses can offer deals through location check-ins on mobile devices Yes No
Low or no marketing cost Yes No
Continuously provides updates and gives timely information and offers  Yes No
Two-way communication between business and customer  Yes  No
Promotes repeat business  Yes  No
Visually appealing  Yes  No
Trackable analytics-can see how many views, "Shares", "Likes"     Yes  No

As you can clearly see from this comparison list, Facebook outweighs the marketing benefits than flyers. Marketing flyers do not have long-term impact on consumers like Facebook.  With Facebook, a small business can monitor customers' queries and trends, promote further business with shares and likes, and create a true meaningful two-way communication between the business and customer, fostering a continuing business relationship. 

So recycle your old method of marketing, and begin a new, more appealing and effective way by using Facebook. 




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