Sales Lessons from a Four Year Old

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on November 20, 2013

In Inbound Sales

sale-scoreMy 4 year old son was recently staying with my in-laws, and I heard this funny story about how he acquired a soccer ball. My father-in-law retired from owning a sports store and was preparing for an upcoming tag sale to try and unload some left over inventory.

My son had asked if he could have a soccer ball. Papa responded “Yes, but let me finish what I’m doing.”

15 minutes later, he asked again. This time, Papa (still busy) responded “Yes, but I have to find the right color.”

A while later my son asks, “Papa, did you find the right color yet?” Papa (still busy) responds, “Not yet, but I will.”   Good consistent follow-up so far!

Then a little while after, Meme yells to my son “Papa is going to the garage. That’s where the balls are!” My son, being the excellent salesman that he is, picks up on this “buying signal”.  This is the best time to go in for a close.  My son runs to the garage and asks “Papa, are the balls in the garage?”  Papa says “That’s right.  They are in here.  Let me look for one.”

Now, my son would have probably went home with a ball anyway, but the key here is he got a “buying signal” and went for the close.  That was his best chance at getting what he wanted, and he took it! 

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