Should You Design Your Company Website?

Posted by Lindsay Klorer on May 6, 2015

In Website Redesign

Trust. A word that means taking a giant leap of faith, whether trusting in someone or something. To me, trust is the center of my marriage with my husband. It's where I feel most central with my family and friends. It's also the center of all of my decision making. When I am at a cross-roads of a big decision, I rely on my instinct, trusting it will guide me towards making the right choice. The same is true when it comes to making business decisions for your company. Trust yourself to take a leap that will help drive your business goals. Furthermore, try and relinquish your control and trust someone else with expertise to help with that leap. 

Let It Go To Grow

Sure, there are a lot of talented do-it-your-selfers out there, but if you broke your leg, would you try and splint or brace it yourself? No, certainly not! You would let a doctor take care of that for you. They are the ones that went to medical school and had the training. When your transmission blows and leaves you on the side of the highway, do you try and take it apart and fix it yourself? No! You have it towed to your trustworthy, experienced mechanic to do just that.People Together-13

Business owners are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about their product or service. Because of this, many feel that only they can market their company. Their website may show the product or service, but how well does it show it? One of our clients, Flame Treating & Engineering, is a prime example of a business with a high quality service that recognized they needed a website that showcased and matched their high quality service. Once we redesigned their website, the number of visits more than doubled every month in the first 3 months. Also, they received a lot of positive feedback from current customers, and numerous "request-a-quote" submissions that they never had before the website redesign. 

A website is to showcase how your business can help potential and current customers. In order for your website to make an excellent first impression, you need to have the knowledge base, training, and expertise to produce a quality website.

Whether you feel you can create a website or yourself or you are looking to higher a professional, make sure you are redesiging your website for your customers and not for yourself.





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