Should you hire a Marketing Coordinator or Inbound Marketing Agency?

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on September 16, 2014

Your business is doing well, but you are spending too much time on your marketing efforts so it's time to hire a marketing coordinator, right?


Maybe that is the right move, but are you hiring them to simply offload some of your busy work or because you are looking for a more effective way to market your business?  Guy Kawasaki has stated many times that at Apple, their mantra was - Hire better than yourself. "A" players hire "A+" players, but "B" players hire "C" players. What would happen if you spent 6 months training your new hire and they take another job because they were offered a $2500 raise and a new iPhone?

An agency might be a good alternative, especially since you can start with an Inbound Marketing Gameplan. The Gameplan includes a full assessment of your current marketing initiatives, help to define your ideal buyer personas, and an action plan to attract more visitors, convert those visitors into prospects, and help close those prospects into sales.  You could have the next 6-12 months of marketing laid out in a strategic plan.  At least then, if you still decide to hire a Marketing Coordinator, they'll have a plan to implement.  

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