Socially Excelling in HubSpot

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on November 29, 2013

I have become a digital social butterfly and I'm loving it. I use HubSpot to manage 710 Studios inbound Social success with HubSpotmarketing and one of my favorite tools is the "Social" area, the hub of all things social.  In this fabulous social area I'm able to:

  • Monitor tweets and create my own streams (I will explain this game changer below)
  • Publish my own content to my twitter accounts, Facebook account (company page and personal account), and LinkedIn account (again, my company page and personal account)
  • Review reach reports on each of my social media accounts


Daily Routine Made Easy

Each morning, if I don't have an early meeting, you can find me with headphones on basking in my social paradise. All from this little piece of heaven, I'm able to find and schedule content I'd like to retweet or share on my Facebook and LinkedIn company and/or personal pages. Also, with keeping with the 50/50 rule (50% third party tweets and 50% promoting my own blog, offers, etc.) I'm able to schedule my own content right from the brilliant pop-up window. Here is a screenshot of the new and even better social sharing/scheduling application:


What's New and Why do I love it?

The original tool was great, but in my opinion the improvements that were made were exactly what needed to be tweaked. So, what's new you ask...

  1. Schedule the same content to multiple social media tools at different days and times all at once. Before you could schedule the same blog post, for example, to twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook at once, but they all had to be scheduled to go out all at the same day and time. Personally, I like to stagger my posts to different social media outlets. I know there is a certain time my posts to Facebook do better, but I want to post more frequently to twitter. With this new tool I can at one time schedule the same blog post to go out three different times on twitter, once on Facebook at a different date and another date/time on my Linked Company page. Brilliant time saver if you ask me.

  2. When you select to schedule the same content for another time and/or day only the link you are tweeting or posting about is copied to the additional occurrence. The additional verbiage that you used in your original tweet is not copied over. I love this because I don't want to come off spammy in my social media shares. Yes, I'm sharing the same content, but I'm able to present it differently. I think this keeps your content fresh and less robotic. Also, I may want to test out different hash tags to see how I fair in different topics.

  3. Set default accounts for each social media tool. I have a personal account for twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook that are hooked up to HubSpot and I sometimes like to post to these accounts as well. Since I use the 710 Studios accounts the most in HubSpot I set these as my default accounts and whenever I start composing a message these are always selected. If I want to switch to my personal account, all I have to do is hit the "Edit" button right below the 710 Studios logo (see screenshot above) and select the other account I want to use. So easy!

10-Step Checklist for Your Website Redesign

Fishing in the Streams of twitter

I told you I would mention this game changer called, "Streams". Think of it like you are going fishing in a stream with millions of different types of fish, but you are looking for this one particular type of fish. With social streams you are able to put together a list of related keywords, hashtags and/or specific people ("fish) into a single stream. You won't have to fish through millions of tweets or possibly miss out on remarkable content because you aren't following that person. You can create a variety of streams based on your industry to see what competitors are sharing, top industry standards, who's talking about your products/services, industry influencers and the list is really endless. I've found a ton of great content using streams, as well as, top industry influencers that I'm now following.

If you have any questions, or want to share something you love about the social media tool in HubSpot please comment below.


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