Special Event Tonight! Live Role-Play: How To Convert Inbound Leads

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on August 24, 2015

In Inbound Sales

Ever wonder:

- How do I create urgency in my client? 
- How do I get them to share their real budget? 
- How do I get them to introduce me to the ultimate decision maker? 
- How do I get them to return my voice mail message? 
- How do I follow-up with Inbound Leads?
- How do I get my prospect to write my proposal for me?
- How do I follow-up if someone fills out a form on my website?
- How do I attract people to fill out a form on my website?

This event will cover these questions and give you an opportunity to ask your questions and role-play the scenario live with our guest speaker and expert sales coach, Rick Roberge.   


If you'd like a sneak peek on what to expect, check out my event recap from Sales Accelerators last January.  

Here are a dozen more reasons you should go.

Plus, the event is free, plus free drinks and food!

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