The Big Bag Theory

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on July 24, 2015

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Soccer is a team sport, but the goalkeeper is the one under a microscope if the other team scores. Goalkeeping is a tough position, and you need to be prepared for a variety of situations: rain, a glove ripping, needing an alternate color jersey, water in the goal mouth, sun in your eyes, etc...

One of my mentors growing up preached the big bag theory. Goalkeepers need to carry a big bag to fit all of the equipment they need to be prepared for any situation. At camp, we would do an evening lecture where he would literally bring a big bag and show all of the things he would bring to a game.  


I also use the same theory when I go to the race track. I've been instructing at High Performance Driving Schools around the northeast for over 14 years. In that time, I've experienced my fair share of broken parts. Everytime I didn't have the right tool or the right spare part, I added it to my "big bag" list of things to bring for next time.

What about business blogging? Have you ever responded to the same question by email more than once? Should you consider writing it as a blog post? Do you have a "big bag" of blog posts queued up to share with prospects when they ask you a question? Are you prepared to react to customer feedback? To changes in Google's search algorithm?  Do you know how often you should blog?

That's what the Hartford HUG event will cover next Wednesday.  

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