The Hardest Way to Implement HubSpot

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on August 27, 2015

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The smartphone, the internet, and GPS have changed the way we travel.  You used to plan a trip by knowing your destination, looking at a map, and charting a course.  Some people still do that, but many people now rely on their iPhone or built-in navigation in their car.  Get in the car, plug in the address and drive. Most of the time, you will arrive at your destination, no problem.  But what happens when something unexpected comes up?

How do you know if your GPS is sending you in the right direction?  


We once had a friend coming to visit and she called about the time she was supposed to arrive saying she can't find our house.  I spent about a minute describing to her what landmarks were near our house, and then jokingly said, "You put Granby, CT not Granby, MA in your GPS, right?"  She said, "I'll see you in 45 Minutes."  

She had the right tools, the right intention, and was doing the right activity to make the trip, and before she knew it, a small mistake and a small distraction (she was on the phone the whole way), she wasn't on-course anymore. Could that ever happen in business?

When you buy HubSpot, they truly give you everything you need to get started.  They have a fantastic support staff, mandatory onboarding training with HubSpot/Inbound experts, access to HubSpot Academy, and a really robust yet intuitive software application.  While they will drive home a methodology (pun intended!) that has helped 10's of 1000's of companies grow, they cannot pass down experience or a tailored strategy for your business.  

HubSpot offers automation of a lot of processes to make you more efficient, but you can't just enter a destination and start driving.  Wouldn't it be amazing if you could enter in a goal of $500k in growth over the next 12 months, hit start, and HubSpot would spit out a path to get there!  Unfortunately, that's not how it works.  Starting HubSpot without a Game Plan is the hardest way possible.  You have all these variables to contend with, but what combination is best for your situation?

A Game Plan typically answers the following questions:

  • Is your entire online presence optimized and integrated?
  • What is your current impact from Inbound Marketing?
  • Who are your Buyer Personas?
  • Do you have content and offers for every stage of the Buyer's Journey?
  • What are some change drivers that would provoke action in your Buyer Personas?
  • How does HubSpot need to be configured to manage all Buyer Personas and Buyer's Journey stages?
  • Is HubSpot configured to enable an efficient follow-up process?
  • What does a 3 month Inbound Campaign look like to relate to new personas and Buyer's Journeys?
  • How will you measure the impact of the campaign?

Could you get started without knowing the answers?  Of course, many companies often do, but is that the best idea?  If you'd like to discuss where you intend on going and if HubSpot and a Game Plan is a good place to start, 

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