The Laws of Attraction and Engagement: Doing It The Inbound Way

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on November 6, 2014

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Last week, my husband Michael and I were speaking with Rick Roberge discussing how to expand our network. Rick said "drag them to you", by adding remarkable and relevant insight to the conversation which will encourage readers to want to learn more about you.  Rick compared this approach to how I attracted Michael. I didn't yell from the other said of the room saying "Look at me!!" (very outbound), but instead I went with a more inbound approach -  an innocent smile from across the room.  Michael, of course, was immediately intrigued and after another glance or two, built up the courage to come and talk to me. My graceful approach worked and we've been together ever since!

Now think of how a similar approach could work for growing your online network.  Outbound tactics try to grab attention by shouting and interrupting.  Inbound tactics, on the other hand, grab attention.  Find a blog post or a LinkedIn post that interests you and instead of using a wink or a smile, provide a remarkable comment. This remarkable content will create a curiosity and attraction that may cause the reader to want to learn more about you. You've "dragged" them into your network by simply sharing a mutual interest and having worthy input.  As you continue to use this practice, you will continue to grow your followers and will quickly become a thought leader. Your followers will start searching the comments of blogs or posts to see what you have to say before developing their own opinion. I know first hand this approach works successfully, because I'm not only one of Rick's followers, I'm also a client.

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