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HubSpot's #INBOUND15 Day 3&4 Recap

Day 3 was a loooong day, but a great comedy sandwich. Aziz Ansari at 8:00 am, Amy Schumer at 8:00 pm, and a whole bunch of great content and networking in between.  Day 4, everyone seemed to be winding down, but still so much fun and lots to learn! 

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HubSpot's #INBOUND15 Day 1 Recap

The last few months have been like a countdown to Christmas for us at 710 Studios and for many others in the HubSpot community.  As I entered the Boston Convention Center, it reminded me of the mornings as a kid walking down the stairs on Christmas morning, each step filled with curiosity, wondering if I had been good enough this year to get any presents.

We are fortunate to have some friends and clients join us, Convention Nation and Pirie Associates.  Today was a light day with some partner stuff going on, training classes, and standing room only for the day's opening Keynote - Seth Godin.  For those of you who can not make it, here is what we learned from listening to Day 1 at HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Conference:

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