How to Attract Better Job Applicants Through Inbound Marketing

The way people buy has definitely changed, so does that mean the way people look for a job has changed?  I say yes.  Just like almost 60% of the buyer's journey is completed before making a purchase, I would predict that the decision to apply and potentially work for a company is at least the same percentage, if not more.  When I am doing research on prospects and/or companies, I don't just look through the information provided on a website.  I also like to find candid information posted by others about what I am searching for.  That information tends to be more powerful and credible.  It's one thing for a company to say "this is a great place to work", and it is another thing for its employee's to say "this is a great place to work", especially if the statement is unsolicited. 

Inbound is not just for marketing anymore.  Here are some tips on using Inbound methodologies to attract better candidates:   

Attracting the Right Candidates

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Hey, Marketing and Sales, You're On The Same Team

There has been this recurring problem or complaint that I hear about from other businesses and I'm blown away because it just doesn't make any sense to me. The common issue is that the salespeople and marketers do not work together towards a common goal. Not only do they not work together, they blame each other for not reaching their set goals.  Sound familiar?

There Is No "I" In Team

Recently, while I was at the INBOUND 2014 conference, I was speaking with two other inbound marketing strategists about this recurring problem in their own companies. And during this conversation, I had an epiphany, these two groups are on the same team. 

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Marketing Is Not Just A Science It's An Art

Last week, I was at my son's endocrinologist appointment (my little man was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 2 years old) and the doctor and I were discussing different tweaks we needed to make to his insulin regimen. We sat there discussing the different contributing factors to what may be causing my son to be having more high blood sugar readings at night. As I often tell people who are not familiar with Type 1 Diabetes, managing T1D is more of an art than a science.  There is not a set calculation based on his age and weight that will give us exact amount of insulin he should have per carb or a set basal rate. We are constantly making adjustments and will continue to do so throughout his life.

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