Should You Design Your Company Website?

Trust. A word that means taking a giant leap of faith, whether trusting in someone or something. To me, trust is the center of my marriage with my husband. It's where I feel most central with my family and friends. It's also the center of all of my decision making. When I am at a cross-roads of a big decision, I rely on my instinct, trusting it will guide me towards making the right choice. The same is true when it comes to making business decisions for your company. Trust yourself to take a leap that will help drive your business goals. Furthermore, try and relinquish your control and trust someone else with expertise to help with that leap. 

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Why You Need To Stop Ignoring Your Website

Spring is finally making its presence known in Connecticut and soon we will be dusting off the lawn mower and gardening gloves or calling up the lawn service company to schedule the first cut of the season. Now imagine this spring that you decide to ignore your lawn and weeds in the gardens. You would still be able to go about your day without any problems, but what impression do you think you would be giving to your neighbors or passersby that don't know you? Does someone still live there? Why don't they take pride in what they own? Now instead of it being your overgrown and unkempt lawn, what if it was your website that you were ignoring? What kind of an impression are you giving your visitors and potential customers if you've ignored your website for years?

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5 Must-Haves For Your Nursing Home's Website Redesign In 2015

You may have noticed your website hasn't been updated  for a while, and/or you can't recall the last time your nursing home's website generated a lead that converted into a new resident.  For one reason or another, you have come to the realization that you must redesign your website in 2015.  Before you start picking out colors, layout and photos, consider these five tips to create a sales generating machine: 

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