Using HubSpot For Your Business Blog Is Like Cheating

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on February 26, 2016

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Business blogging is a key element to an inbound marketing strategy, yet some companies have been slow to adapt.  What's the hold-up?  Lack of -knowledge? results? time? personnel?   Is your software frustrating beyond belief?

If you are just dragging your feet, maybe start here - What will Happen to Business Owners Who Don't Blog?

For those that have already started publishing, can you imagine where your business would be if you started blogging in January 2002 like Seth Godin, or in March 2006 like Rick Roberge, or April 2008 like Dennis House

Wordpress is probably the most common blogging tool considering WordPress accounts for 18.9% of all websites, but isn't always the most user friendly.  In our experience, occasionally people choose Wordpress over HubSpot because they want to save some money upfront, but they then spend either most of their time, or most of their money, getting it to do things that are intuitive on HubSpot. 

If you are one of those people using Wordpress, here is a glimpse into publishing a post with HubSpot.  You tell me if it's better...

Inputting Content

Most DIY'ers want to be able to input content themselves.  With HubSpot, it's not WYSIWYG, it's, "What you see is what it is."  Here is a screen-shot of this post up to this point - 
Looks pretty much the same, right?  


SEO Optimization 

There are a number of items that all blogs should have in order to help rank for SEO.  You could go to a place like and teach yourself HTML, or you can just cheat and use HubSpot.  They have this handy little "Optimize" button that basically hold your hand through what steps you should take to help get found online through this blog post.  Hover over the little "i" icon, and it will actually bring you to the spot where the sections/item needs updating.  That's it!  



Mobile Optimized 

Curious what the post will look like on mobile?  Just use the preview mode.  HubSpot is already responsive and optimized for mobile.  



Adding a Call-To-Action

Every article should have a path for the reader to find or request additional information on the topic.  CTA's should be relevant to the content of the article, so creating, inserting, tracking, and analyzing CTA's is standard blogging practice, as well as standard HubSpot functionality. 


Here's a live example.  Click the image below-

Click me If you can't find a relevant CTA or want to make a new CTA, it's this easy.


That's just as easy as that little publish button right?  Or course.  But how do you distribute the article to your subscribers?  Can you segment by frequency preference- instant, daily, weekly, monthly?

What if you want to schedule the post to publish on Friday at 6:00am, notify all your subscribers via email, and share instantly to all your social media outlets.   Yep, HubSpot does that!


Social Distribution 

Now that you given the world access to you article, how do you get it in front of people that are looking for your stuff?  As mentioned above, you can have HubSpot automatically share to specified social channels.  You can also use the social sharing tool to post on behalf of your entire team.  In fact, 710 Studios handles this aspect for most of their clients and HubSpot allows us to spend time on beneficial tasks versus busy work.  


I obviously don't have the ability to show you reporting on this post, but here is a few screen shots from a post I published a couple weeks ago.  The view stats are not crazy impressive, but the engagement is good, it have been shared numerous times, and the CTA has 106 views, 6 clicks and has generated 3 new leads.  As time goes on, we will be able to attribute how many leads any article generates.  


HubSpot even keeps track of your ducks, or green checks in this case, and makes sure they stay in a nice neat row!




So... Easy?  Still Difficult?

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