What Some Car Dealers Don't Get About Facebook

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on November 7, 2014

In Inbound Sales

One of the main principles of Inbound Marketing is to speak to your buyer's where they are searching for information.  All car dealerships, from new car mega stores to small used car dealers, have their inventory's online.  The cars are typically listed on the dealer's website, and Cars.com, Autotrader.com and the like.  Those are obviously staples to any car sales operation, but what about social media?  Your buyers are on social media everyday, yet most dealers fail to engage those buyers, and sometimes even restrict their employees from using social media at work.  Crazy right?

I'm NOT suggesting you move your inventory to Facebook.  I am suggesting, however, that you use social media as it was intended to be used - Socially.  Use it to attract people by portraying a human element and use that leverage to get referrals.  Get your clients involved and highlight them on your pages.  Make it about them, not you!  What is someone more likely to share with their network? -

  1. A post stating that you are now open Sundays
  2. A coupon to get 20% off your next oil change
  3. A picture of them smiling during delivery of their new car



Get on Facebook and post daily, if not frequently throughout the day.  The math speaks for itself- If your dealership sells 100 cars per month and you post 100 pictures, and each buyer has a very conservative 200 friends, that's a reach of up to 20,000 impressions per month. If heard a lot of complaints that salespeople leave money on the table, which typically results in missed 100's of dollars.  Well, if you are not being virtually social, you are leaving 1000's of opportunities to engage on the table.  Now do the math again...   If you'd like to learn more about how to attract customers with Facebook including Inbound Sales tips, check out this free ebook:

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