How to Attract Better Job Applicants Through Inbound Marketing

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on November 3, 2014

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The way people buy has definitely changed, so does that mean the way people look for a job has changed?  I say yes.  Just like almost 60% of the buyer's journey is completed before making a purchase, I would predict that the decision to apply and potentially work for a company is at least the same percentage, if not more.  When I am doing research on prospects and/or companies, I don't just look through the information provided on a website.  I also like to find candid information posted by others about what I am searching for.  That information tends to be more powerful and credible.  It's one thing for a company to say "this is a great place to work", and it is another thing for its employee's to say "this is a great place to work", especially if the statement is unsolicited. 


Inbound is not just for marketing anymore.  Here are some tips on using Inbound methodologies to attract better candidates:   

Attracting the Right Candidates

Simon Sinek has a great video on how to write the perfect want ad, but how do people find your want ad?  Are you posting to Monster, CareerBuilder, Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor, or the like with a hope someone comes across it in a search or are you using your referral network to share the job post and attract like-minded individuals?  A job description is not enough to lure in a good candidate.  People want to know if they will be a good fit for the company and if the company will be a good fit for them, not just can they accomplish the tasks on the job description.  The content you share online is really what sets the tone.  

Portraying A Company Culture

A company depicts their company culture and credibility to onlookers through their website, online interactions, and social media- whether you like it or not!  The absence of action is still an action!  <Tweet This>  
A great web presence is helpful from many different vantage points - prospects start to trust you, customers are excited to be working with you, potential hires get a sense of what it's like to work there, and current employees feel honored to be part of the team.  Control the message and stay on top of your updates.  If your posts are more than a few months old, or you were posting consistently for a while and suddenly stopped, people may start to ask questions like - are they still in business? or are they a serious company?  

Pick A Hiring Strategy

Will you take the best available or are you looking for the perfect fit?  There is a difference.  If you are not attracting the right candidates, you may be left with a pool of 6's and 7's to choose from, and a perfect 10 might not come across your desk.  Understanding how your candidates found you and what attracted them will give you the data to tweak your content (and maybe your buyer persona) to get to more viable candidates.  
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