Why did Anna Kendrick go to INBOUND16?

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on November 14, 2016

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Believe me, I couldn't have been more excited/surprised to see Anna Kendrick at this year's Inbound Conference. There is a possibility we might be long lost BFFs, along with my pal Amy Schumer, but that's not why she came to INBOUND16. So why did she?

She Be Scrappy And Smart!

Ok, when you think about inbound marketing and sales, I'm sure Anna Kendrick isn't the first name that pops in your head. So, why was she a keynote presenter at a marketing conference? As a person becomes well-known, their name becomes a brand, which they must continually promote and market like any business. So why wouldn't Anna Kendrick make an appearance in front of a mere 10,000+ marketers, who love to tweet, post and snap. IMG_7160-138450-edited.jpgFor celebrities, like businesses, getting the opportunity to be in front of a huge audience could be a game changer for their "brand".  And most celebrities and businesses know that being actively present via the different social media channels you are able to reach those larger audiences, that you may never been able to if you just relied on print advertising.  But, you can't just depend on sitting at home or in your office, tweeting about your latest blog post, selfie or retweeting that funny pet video. Attending events, such as the INBOUND conference, you are able to create a different opportunity to introduce yourself to a new network therefore growing your brand recognition. There were attendees there, unlike myself, that weren't following Anna on twitter or instagram, but they are now. She also has a new book coming out Nov 15th that attendees could purchase early at the conference. Anna didn't stand up and say "Buy my book it's amazing", she mentioned it briefly in her interview, and what sold copies was her brand, her personality. And what makes it even better, guess who will be talking about the book? All the 10,000+ digital marketers will be tweeting about seeing Anna Kendrick at Inbound16 and her new book to all of their networks. So not only will she getting her "brand" in front of all the attendees, but all of the attendees networks too. See what I mean when I say she's smart.


What are you waiting for? Get Yourself To An Event Today

Whether its a local networking group or a large conference, it's important to step away from the office and get social. Inbound marketing canHeather Hurczyn marketing and website design not solely be done hiding behind your computer.  Believe me, I've tried.  You've got to go out and be part of something and share it. This does not mean you have to be a presenter at one of these events, being an attendee is just as effective. Being at an event and sharing photos or lessons you learned from the event will help grow your network.

Inbound16 was my fourth year attending the INBOUND conference and each year that I attend I not only meet new people in person, but I meet new people and businesses via social media. Each year we attend, our number of followers, interactions and website visits increase dramatically during the conference and stay elevated for up to two weeks after. This all happens naturally, aka the "Inbound" way, by sharing photos of favorite presenters, sharing something new we learned, retweeting other attendees posts and writing a recap of the event on our blog. So, why not start attending events today?

Can't Find One, Start One

Not finding what you are looking for? If a networking group or an event in your industry doesn't exist, why not start one? One of our clients, Phil Wheddon, attended the Bilderberg International Goalkeeping Conference in Holland last year. He was extremely impressed and inspired by the conference. Phil knew this was something that needed to be replicated in the US. So a couple months later, we started working with Phil on the first International Goalkeeper Coaches Conference in Sunrise, Florida. If you know Phil Wheddon's background, he already had an impressive network, which helped him get elite goalkeeper coaches as presenters, such as the former Chelsea FC Goalkeeper Coach Christophe Lollichon and former Manchester United Goalkeeper Coach Eric Steele. The inaugural conference (#IGCC16) was a great success and we are already gearing up for the second year to be even bigger.

But my point of sharing this with you is, by starting this conference, Phil opened up new doors.  People were on twitter, Facebook and Instagram sharing the event and in return Phil became better known as a thought leader in the goalkeeper coaches network.  Just this past week, Phil attended the Bilderberg International Goalkeeping Conference in Holland again, but this year he attended as a presenter.  Phil is building his brand and creating new opportunities simply by participating in events and sharing that information through various social media channels.

Keep reminding people online that you are human, by attending events related to your industry and share these moments with your network. And as you do so, enjoy watching doors begin to open to new opportunities.


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