You Want Me to Blog How Often?

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on June 29, 2015

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Blogging, writing, and content creation have been a hot topic lately among my clients, prospects, and peers.  I came across an article in April where HubSpot published benchmark blogging data from its 13,500+ customers. The article has great insights on many factors how blogging impacts website visits and leads.  The key takeaway for me was that companies that blog 11 or more times per month would get at least 2-3X traffic to their website than those who only publish a handful per month.  So statistically speaking, every company should target writing at least 11 blog posts per month, but how the heck is that going to happen?



Writing 11 Blog posts per month is no small task for most business owners and small teams.  Many have questions like:

"What will I write about?"  

"How long will it take?"  (usually followed by "I don't have time for that.")

On a recent episode of The Growth Show podcast, Mike Volpe interviewed Seth Godin where Seth stated how he is able to blog every day.  Listen-in for 60 seconds starting at the 11:46 mark to hear his response.  It is the most eloquent summation I have ever heard on how to think about blogging.  By the way, the rest of the interview is worth listening to as well.  


If you decide to heed Seth's advice, but still have questions, just schedule a call.

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