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Inbound Marketing Methodology

Inbound Marketing strategy


Who doesn't need more visitors? With consistent blogging, social media sharing, and SEO, we are able to attract new visitors to your website.


Let's now take that visitor and turn them into a lead. Based on defined buyer persona(s), we create lucrative offers that speak to that persona's pain points. With a conversion on a landing page, our visitor is now a lead.


Turning a lead into a customer takes nurturing and patience. Understanding where the lead is in the buyer's journey will help create content that will assist in closing the sale.  


The nurturing doesn't stop once your lead becomes a customer. Happy customers equal happy referrals! Continue to extend a helping hand through blogging, support, and customer related offers to keep your clients delighted!

Inbound Strategy

What goes into an Inbound Marketing Plan?

A solid strategy is vital to the success of implementing the Inbound Methodology.  We work with our clients to devise a strategy that suits their business, their business goals, and their buyer personas.  Once the strategy is crystalized, they have a game plan for the next 3, 6, 12 months. 



Like our motto says, "Get Found." If you aren't getting found, how can you get leads? Website optimization is a key component to our marketing plans and will constantly be monitored.  A website may already include some good keywords, but Google or other search engines need a lot more to prove you are an authority on those keywords. From page title optimization to keyword research, it's important to optimize all aspects of your website to rank in search engines. 


Social media opens up another door for you to "Get Found" and share your remarkable content or offer. This one takes a lot of discipline and patience.  You need to balance sharing your own content as well as sharing other relevant content that your buyer persona's would find engaging.  The key social media tools to be used are twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.  Not every company will use all of these, but with the right combination, you will be able to increase visitors and conversion rates.


Business blogging has become a critical component to the digital representation of your company, as well as, greatly impacting your SEO by creating indexed pages.  Blog posts increase traffic to your website, create repeat visits, establish a relationship with your customers and creates opportunities for your content to be shared.  


You've been found! Now it's time to pull (not push) the qualified visitors down the sales funnel and reward them with an extraordinary offer. Offers range from a downloadable e-book, webinar, consultation, 30 Day Trial, and more.  An offer that addresses a pain point that the visitor wants help fixing will convert that visitor to a lead. 

That's A Lot Of Moving Parts

Our experience and HubSpot's software make the process
manageable, affordable, and trackable.

What is HubSpot and Why do we use it?

Organize, track, and sell
without complications or confusion.

The HubSpot CRM gives you everything you need to store contacts & companies, track deals, and manage sales tasks easily. 

With the HubSpot CRM, you can also integrate with your HubSpot Marketing Platform. This allows you to effortlessly capture, score, and hand off leads to your sales team.

Michael, our Director of Inbound Strategy, has 10+ years of experience using CRM's in sales. If you'd like to pick his brain, feel free to schedule a call.


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