Why Growth-Driven Design?

With Growth-Driven Design, we take a systematic approach toward your website redesign by determining a strategy with real data (not assumptions), select high-level impact items to include in the website launch and continually learn and optimize the website.


Traditional Website Design vs Growth-Driven Design

Why use the Growth-Driven Design approach

Unlike Traditional Website Design, which could take upwards of 3-6 months to launch the website with all the bells and whistles until it's "perfect", we start with the high level impact items based on data and launch the website within 30-45 days.  As you can see in the chart above, typically once a Traditional Website Design is launched it is not updated for another 2+ years.  With Growth-Driven Design we are continually optimizing the website, ensuring that your website is growing and meeting your goals. 

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The Growth-Driven Design Process

User Experience Design

1. Strategy

In this stage, we'll develop a rock solid foundation that we can build our Growth-Driven Design process upon answering the following questions:

  • What are the performance goals that we trying to achieve with your website?  
  • Who are your buyer personas?
  • How is the existing website performing? What is, and is not performing well, where are users dropping off, etc.
  • What are your value propositions for your high-impact components on your website?
  • What is the global strategy for the website and the specific page-by-page strategy to best attain your goals?

2. Launch

Based on what we've learned in the strategy stage, together with your team we will brainstorm every impactful, creative and innovative idea that you'd like to include on the site. This includes ideas such as:

  • Key impactful website sections and pages
  • Marketing assets, tools and resources
  • Specific features, modules and functionality
  • Design elements
  • Changes in experience based on devices, country, etc.

This list will be used to determine the initial action items to implement on what we call the "Launch Pad website".  A Launch Pad website is a starting point and should be launched quickly, and well, it will not be "perfect".  It will be a big improvement to your current website and it gives us a starting point which we will continuously improve from.

Launching a Launch pad website design
Analyze website updates and make changes based on data

3. Analyze & Improve

After launching the website, we begin the cycle of analyzing what is working, enhance what needs to be optimized, and then move forward to the next action item on the wishlist.  This cycle will continue and the wishlist will remain an active document that is adjusted based on the data we collect.

This entire cycle starts with and revolves around the personas who are coming to your website. At each stage of the cycle, we must constantly ask ourselves how this relates and provides value to the personas visiting your website.


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