710 Studios Introduces Its Newest Member On #NationalDogDay

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on August 26, 2015

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It's amazing how kids can forget a simple thing like washing their hands before they leave the bathroom, but they are able to remember you telling them three years ago that when they turn six we would get them a dog. So this August, we began our search.  We knew we wanted to rescue a dog from an animal shelter, which helped narrow down the process. We found a bunch in our area, I was shocked how many shelters there are within a 20-mile radius, but I understand the need.  I, of course, did all my research online and quickly followed all of the shelters that had Facebook Company pages.  The process didn't take long, we quickly kept seeing beautiful pictures of dogs from the Simon Foundation and because of one particular picture of the most adorable puppy we were compelled to fill out an application.

Here is a photo of Cooper, the newest member of the 710 Studios family on #NationalDogDay:

National Dog Dady

This entire process reminded me of a couple business lessons you may find interesting...

1.  Often, your customers will act the same way as a child. They will probably forget the small things that you have reminded them to do, whether it's a simple trick to use with your product or the best way to contact you. It's not as important to them, so they easily forget. BUT, and this is big "but", if you make a promise to a customer, you better follow through because they will never forget.  And if you continue to make promises that you can't follow through on, how long can the relationship last?

2.  The process that we used to find our dog is just more proof that the internet has changed the buying process. The Simon Foundation didn't send us a flyer in the mail.  They didn't run a commercial on a local TV station.  What they did do was frequently provide information about their available dogs in the spot where their buyer personas hang out and share- Facebook.  They would also make sure their website was kept up to date to show if the dog seen was still available.  If they were using a tool like HubSpot, I bet the reports would show the majority of website visits come from social media. The simple inbound strategy that the Simon Foundation used made our buying process quick and easy.

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