HubSpot's #INBOUND15 Day 2 Recap

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on September 10, 2015

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What a day! The inspirational story of Malala, a Keynote from Brené Brown, Ph.D. (life changing), one from Dharmesh Shah & Brian Halligan (game changing), sell-out breakout sessions, a Happy Hour and a lot of talking with an amazing community of people. 

Here's our recap of the exhilarating day including some photos:

Michael's Key Takeaway -  

  • True to the Game: Four Moves to Quadruple Your Average Client Size
    Jeremy King, Element Three

    So this was a session for partners on how to grow accounts, but there were some good tidbits that could apply to any business.  
    • Know what you are good at, the hire "A" players (employees/sub-contractors) for the stuff that you ar not.  Don't try to be everything to everyone.  If you are a design company, you build good rapport with a client and they ask you if you can do PR, but you have never done PR, don't distract from your business and try to be an expert in PR.  Find a good partner that you trust and offer the client your best work, and ensure the partner gives them their best work.  Better for the client.  Better for you.
    • Focused Growth.  Selling faster and selling more isn't always the best idea.  Being able to provide the clients your best work is vital to maintaining those clients.  In 2013, E3 sold 29 new accounts and doubled in size in terms of clients, employees, and revenue.   The employees were strained, the clients were not getting their best work and they churned. They made a conscious decision to ensure they focused on quality instead of quantity, and in 2015 they have half the clients, but four times the revenue because their clients are happier, growing, and willing to invest more money.
    • When looking for new business, look for attitude, not industry.  Some people will do anything for money, and when someone offers you money, it's a difficult decision to turn that down, but many times the best one if their attitude does not align with the way you operate.
  • The Intersection of Inbound Marketing and eCommerce
    Andy Etemadi, Ethan Giffin, Steve Haase, Daniel Kurt

    The combination of HubSpot and eCommerce is revolutionary.  I will post a more complete post in the future, but here is what caught my attention.  
    • There are 3 factors, recency, frequency, and monetary that are important in eCommerce, and pulling data into HubSpot will give you the data required to automate campaigns around abandoned shopping carts, win-back campaign for repeat purchases or subscriptions.
    • Do you ever wonder how Amazon knows what you have been looking at and sends you an email to purchase that thing later that day to try and convert the sales again?  Well, SMB's can also compete with Amazon with the data provided by the Hubshoply connector.

Brene Brown keynote speaker at Hubspot Inbound 2015


Heather's Key Takeaway - 

If I could start every day with listening to the storyteller and researcher Brené Brown, I would be the best ME I could be. Her strength in sharing her vulnerability and to inspire us to let go of the fear and gain courage by being vulnerable was a priceless experience. 

From there were the numerous breakout sessions and here are a few key takeaways I have to share:

  • How Buy Buttons Are Reshaping Ecommerce
    Craig Miller, CMO, Shopify  

    Pinterest and Facebook now are offer "Buy" buttons in their apps. So why should you use these new buy buttons? Everyone is on mobile and they spend most of their time in apps. And they are spending that time in only 25 different apps.  Currently, the eCommerce conversion rate sucks on mobile websites. Social networks are now the discovery-based marketplaces of the future, so before the holiday season begins get setup with "Buy It" buttons in Pinterest, "Buy" buttons in Facebook and keep an eye out for other apps to integrate Buy Buttons soon.
  • Retention Marketing: The Next eCommerce Battleground
    Steve Deckert, Co-Founder, Sweet Tooth

    Outbound = Customer Acquisition
    Inbound = Customer Retention

    Stop putting all your emphasis on Customer Acquistion and start focusing on Customer Retention.
    Historically, <20% of marketing budgets dedicated to retention.

  • Top 10 Paid Social Media Advertising Hacks of All Time
    Larry KimFounder of WordStream, Inc.Paid per click campaign tips- Smartly apply microbudgets for your PPC. You don't need a large budget to be successful.
    - "I want you to be a Unicorn in a sea of donkeys." 
    Tweet more often and only promote your best posts (Unicorns!)

     View complete slidedeck here.

  • The Power of Data, the Importance of Moments and the Future of Storytelling
    Robert Michael Murray, Matchfire, Co.

    - Storytelling matters. Don’t get trapped in the over use of it.   Not all content marketing is storytelling.

    - Step back in Instagram and look at the frame of photos. What works. Can I see something?  When you put all photos together you have an interesting story to be told.

    -  Data is telling stories. It makes a connection.


Lindsay's Key Takeaways -

How does someone new to inbound reflect on her first day?  Yes, I was told it’d be overwhelming; the overall advice was, “take one thing at a time, Lindsay.”

Quietly create value and follow your heart. Join the Inbound Movement.

I came in to the conference trying to focus on was to soak up as much as I could regarding inbound; to get a feel of what it means to fully feel this movement.  My key takeaways from my first day at #INBOUND15 were simply transcendent from the morning’s emphasis by keynote speaker, Brene Brown, “If you are brave enough, often you will fall,” to my final breakout session by Sonia Simone quoting “content has to be created for human beings.”

To me, these quotes reflect the truth in inbound…vulnerability and taking risks opens doors, human connections are paramount, and trust is earned. Looking forward to making more connections on Thursday, and Aziz Ansari and Amy Schumer!!!


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