HubSpot's #INBOUND15 Day 3&4 Recap

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on September 11, 2015

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Day 3 was a loooong day, but a great comedy sandwich. Aziz Ansari at 8:00 am, Amy Schumer at 8:00 pm, and a whole bunch of great content and networking in between.  Day 4, everyone seemed to be winding down, but still so much fun and lots to learn! 

Michael's Key Takeaways

Chris Brogan spoke about how marketers can't use old world thinking with new world technology and be effective.  If you are a marketer at a hotel, your job is not to fill beds and then you are done.   The Seaport Hotel Chris stayed in sent him an email from finance@... telling him they hope he had a great stay.  Really?  The accounting team? Why not from an actual person?

One statement that probably resonated with me more than any other was, "We all want to be treated well. We ALL want to be treated like insiders."  Does your marketing make people feel like the belong?  Like they are an insider?

Karl Sakas hosted a session about how he works with agencies to scale.  He offered up a pretty cool anagram for the possible options for services an agency (or any service company really) could offer- S.I.T.

S - Strategy- "I know I need to do something, but I need you to tell me what to do." 

I - Implementation - "I know what to do, but I need you to do it for me."

T - Training - "We need you to teach us how to do it."

Carole Mahoney taught us about the Rules of Inbound Engagement in Sales.  A quick tip for what to send to a prospect who has downloaded a form is a follow-up email - "Did it download ok?"  At that point, all you know is that they asked to download something.  Have you ever gotten a link that didn't work, or have a download fail?  If the download fails, and a salesperson goes into how did you like our ebook?  Looks like you are in an industry we help do 'whatever"... NO.  STOP IT.  You can only ask about things that you already know.  Also, the did it download ok email gets about an 80% response rate!  You can learn more about Carole and download the first three chapters of her book on


Heather's Key Takeaways

The Marketer’s Guide to Growth Spurts 
Kieran FlanaganMarketing Director (EMEA), HubSpot

  • "Growth Hacking is a mindset more than a toolset," @danmartell

  • Not everything a marketer does will work. And sometimes what works surprises us.

  • Find content that has already been successful with your audience by using tools like Buzzsumo 

There were so many more great tips. You can check Kieran's slide deck here

Unleash Productive Creativity By Banishing Your Inner Critic
Denise R. Jacobs, Founder + CEO, The Creative Dose

How do we banish the inner critic?

  • Eliminate Have to/Should/Must/Ought instead replace with I choose/I decide/I will

  • Say NO to comparisons - I will not compare myself to strangers on the internet.

  • Ask it questions - where do you come from? What do you want? What’s your point?

  • Be compassionate - Tell your inner critic to "simmer down now."

  • Reassign duty - I really don’t need you right now, I’m writing. Come back later when I’m editing.

  • Remember your successes

  • Cop a power pose - See Amy Cuddy's Ted Talk

 Again, another session where I could go on and on, so check out Denise's slide deck here


Here are some photos from the past few days

Boston Convention Center INBOUND15


INBOUND15 Lanyard 710 Studios 


INBOUND15 Seth Godin


INBOUND15 Hartford HUG


INBOUND15 Heather Hurczyn Lindsay Klorer


INBOUND15 Allbound Associates

INBOUND15 Brene Brown

We had a great time and met lots of wonderful people! See you there next year! 

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